Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1925

“I’ll have Elle block all exits from the condominium. We’ll sneak in.”

Catherine thought of an idea. “Let’s find a place to change our clothes.”

Half an hour later, Freya and Catherine had changed into a set of black sportswear and sports shoes. They even wore baseball caps with wigs underneath them. They looked like two 18 -year- old students. However, they were not girls but two handsome boys.

They followed a husband and wife who were staying in the condominium and went inside.

After going in, Catherine immediately shoved a stack of cash into the woman’s hands. “Aunty, thank you so much. This is a small token of appreciation.”

“No need to thank me. I despise sc*mmy men who keep mistresses behind their wives’ back the most, ” the middle-aged woman said angrily, “You guys must catch that homewrecker. I’m not taking the money.”

“Mm, I’ll divorce that man after I catch that mistress. I don’t want to put up with this anymore, ” Freya said as her eyes reddened.

Those words were her true feelings. The middle- aged woman sympathized with her a lot. “Ah, that man is having an affair despite having such a beautiful wife. Is he blind?”

The middle-aged man said, “You really don’t have to give us money. If it were before, it would’ve been quite easy for you guys to enter. I don’t really know what’s been going on recently. The management said there was a case of burglary in the condominium, so they became particularly strict on checking outsiders.”

“Recently?” Catherine was stunned. “About half a month ago.”

After bidding goodbye to the middle-aged couple,

Freya gritted her teeth and said, “Rodney really went to such great lengths just to protect Sarah. Luckily, we disguised ourselves before coming in. If not, there really might be Rodney’s people on watch nearby.”

“No matter whether Rodney has people watching or not, Sarah shouldn’t even think about escaping tonight.”

Catherine was careful. She and Freya did not take the elevator straight to the l9th floor. Instead, they got off the 15th floor and crept up by foot.

In a condominium with more than 30 floors, the higher the floor, the fewer the people there would be in the fire escape stairway.

However, when Catherine and Freya reached the 18th floor, they heard the sounds of a phone coming from the floor above. It seemed that someone was playing games.

Then, there were voices of people talking.

“Ah, how long more do you think we have to stay in this sh*tty place? We have to be on shifts to guard this place every day. I’m so annoyed.”

“There’s no helping it. It was arranged by the higher-ups.”

“But I saw Young Master Snow coming here last night. He only left after midnight. Who’s the woman he’s hiding inside?”

“Do you have a death wish? Keep your voice down. This isn’t a matter that you can simply talk about. Someone might hear you.”

The people on the floor above lowered their voices even more, but Catherine and Freya could still hear parts of the conversation.

“No, I’m just curious. I heard that Young Master Snow and Young Madam Snow are preparing to hold a wedding. I saw it on the trending searches yesterday. What Young Master Snow is doing now isn’t very appropriate.”

“Please, just shut your mouth. This is the rich people’s world. How many men will be content with just marrying one wife? It’s just that some  people are good at hiding it and don’t  get exposed. You have to understand that with the Snow family’s strong background, it’s our honor  to be able  to work for them.”

“But Young Madam Snow is the prime minister’s goddaughter, after all.” “Is a goddaughter a biological daughter? Besides, everyone knows the true reason why Young Madam Snow was taken in as a goddaughter. When Young Master Snow was chased out of the Snow family, the Snow family seemed indifferent, but in the end, they just wanted to teach him a lesson. Wasn’t the big project on alternative energy handed to Young Master Snow and Second Young Master Snow as soon as he apologized and returned?”

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