Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1926

“Who doesn’t know that industry is a crucial part of Australia’s future development? Although it was said that Eldest Young Lady Snow was busy and didn’t have time to manage it, in the end, it’s still because Eldest Young Lady Snow is a woman and not a son.”

“You’re right. Young Master Snow used to be in charge of Snowden. After he was chased out, Second Young Master Snow took charge of Snowden. Ever since Young Master Snow  admitted  his mistakes and returned, half of Snowden was handed to him while the other half remained with Second Young Master Snow. Frankly speaking, Eldest Young Lady Snow was never the future of Snow Corporation.

But actually, Eldest Young Lady Snow is the person who contributed the most to the  family.  If  it weren’t for her…”

“I guess having Eldest Young Lady Snow be the president was to acknowledge her contributions to the Snow family. However, it’ll be hard if she wants to take another step forward. In the future, she can only join the board of directors while those profitable projects will probably fall into the hands of Young Master Snow and Second Young Master Snow. We should just do our job properly under Young Master Snow and turn a blind eye to some things.”

Freya’s head was about to explode.

She only intended to listen for a bit, but she did not expect that she would be able to hear so much inside information about the Snow family.

It looked like she had no status at all among the subordinates of the Snow family. The fact that she became the prime minister’s goddaughter was all thanks to Rodney.

It turned out  that although  the Snow family had said that they were ashamed of Rodney, they were still trying hard to nurture that son of  theirs through their actions.

Jessica was not even involved in Snowden despite contributing so much to the Snow family.

Snowden was one of the Snow family’s real, strong forces.

It was just like how important Liona was to Shaun.

In the past, Freya hated Jessica quite a lot. However, ever since hearing Jessica’s story from Ryan, she felt that Jessica had sacrificed a lot for the Snow family.

Even Prime Minister Snow was able to assume the position smoothly because Jessica had been removing all obstacles at the frontlines.

Freya used to think that the Snow family was wonderful and everyone treated her well.

However, she strangely felt chills all over at that moment.

As a family that was at the top of Australia, no one in that family could be pure and gentle, right?


Catherine pointed upward and gestured with her hands. She mouthed with her lips, “Can we take those two people out?”

Freya gazed at Catherine cluelessly.

“We can now confirm that Sarah is definitely upstairs. Even if we bring people up with us, it’ll surely alarm Rodney. Why don’t we just take them out right now? Later, Elle’s people will barge in.

We’ll force the door open together and seize Sarah immediately, ” Catherine said to Freya in a low voice.

Freya had lost her focus in confusion. After a moment, she nodded.

“Let’s head down a few floors first. We can’t let them know that we’ve been eavesdropping. We’ll come up again later, take them by surprise, and knock them out.”

Catherine threw a bottle of pepper spray to Freya after she finished speaking.

Why did Catherine bring so many random things with her?

Both of them went a few floors down, then walked up again with their hands on each other’s shoulders.

The two men on the l9th floor looked down when they heard the sound of footsteps coming from below. It turned out to be two young boys.

“Ah, it’s so tiring. Why don’t we take the elevator?”

“No way. Don’t you want to strengthen your stamina? Let’s just walk. We’ll succeed as long as we persevere.”

Catherine and Freya acted until they reached the l9th floor.

Both of them had makeup on. Even so, when the men glanced at them, they thought that they looked familiar.

However, before the men could react, their eyes were attacked with pepper spray. The stinging was so bad that they could not open their eyes. It just so happened that they were standing on the stairs as well.

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