Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1927

Catherine kicked the two men, and they rolled down the stairs.

Sure enough, the two men were members of Snowden. They swiftly regained their strength even though their eyes hurt so much that they could hardly open.

Nevertheless, Catherine and Freya were no ordinary women. Recently, Catherine had been practicing quite a lot with Shaun. Shortly after, she knocked the two men conscious.

Catherine and Freya headed to Unit 1go8 under nobody’s watchful eye.

They knocked on the door for a while before a lady’s voice sounded from inside. “Who are you?”

“Madam, we’re here to provide kitchen hood cleaning services.” Catherine deliberately raised the bottle in front of her.

“I don’t need your services. Please leave.”

“Madam, our services are free of charge. Let us clean for you.”

After that, a hush descended over the apartment. Freya said, “She’s quite cautious.”

Catherine sighed. Since she could not enter the apartment, she had no choice but to ask Elle to bring some people in.

Ten minutes later, Elle gave her a call instead of coming over. “Miss Jones, some Liona members are blocking us. They’ve probably informed Rodney about it. I’ve just contacted Young Master Hill and he’s on his way here.”

Catherine flew into a fury. She did not expect Rodney to be so protective of Sarah and even band together with Liona members.

Freya stood in the corridor, feeling like an idiot.

All of a sudden, she dashed to the door and knocked violently on it. “ Sarah Neeson, come out! I know you’re hiding inside. Even if you can fly, don’t expect Rodney to save you.”

No matter how she kept knocking on the door, the door remained closed.

Freya’s phone rang, and it was a call from Rodney.

Upon answering the call, she snorted. “What’s the matter? Are you worried that something will happen to that hypocrite?”

Rodney was indeed really worried. When he was sleeping at home earlier, a Liona member phoned him, saying that Elle had brought some people to the apartment. Sarah also called to tell him that Freya was scolding her at the door.

He could not figure out why Freya would  go there.

He was so worried about Sarah that he could not even be bothered  to explain  the situation  to Freya.

“Freya, there’s nothing going on between Sarah and me.”

“Nothing? Do you take me for a retard?” Freya wished she could chop that b*stard with a knife. “ You always accompany her until late at night. You lied to me a few times to have dinner with her. You even left me alone in the cinema to look for her yesterday. Rodney, do you think I’m an idiot? It’s fun deceiving me, huh?

“Let me tell you that I’m not an idiot. You’re an idiot. She cuckolded you and treated you as backup, yet you continue to cling to her so obediently. Have you no shame? Is there no other woman in this world? Why are you so despicable? You might as well be a dog. It’s humiliating for Dani to have you as her dad. It’s also humiliating for me to have slept with you. I wish I could sanitize my entire body. I’m afraid I’ll get infected.”

She was panting right after bombarding him with criticisms.

Rodney was stunned.

This woman’s words were so rude and vicious.

It finally dawned on him that her criticisms back then were considered.

This was brutal.

Every word pierced his heart.

“Freya, don’t get me wrong. There’s a reason why I’m hiding Sarah, ” Rodney said earnestly, “ She’s not as evil as you made her out to be. She had her reasons for doing all those things back then.”

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