Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1928


Freya was so exasperated that tears began to build up in the corners of her eyes.

Oh, God. Why on earth was she touched by his behavior back then?

“Are you f*cking out of your mind? You just believe in everything Sarah says?”

Being criticized over and over again, Rodney was offended. “In your eyes, am I always so silly? Do you think I can’t tell right from wrong? Just wait there. Don’t hurt her. I’ll come right away.”

“Hah. Come as fast as possible because not only will  I hurt her but I’ll also kill her.”

Freya lost her temper and nearly flung her phone.

Catherine did not hear what Rodney said. However, from Freya’s expression, she could guess what nasty remarks he had made to provoke Freya.

When Rodney and Freya previously argued because of Sarah, it was not a big deal since they had no feelings for each other.

Nevertheless, things were different now. They had slept together, and moreover, Rodney had been treating Freya very well.

No one would be able to accept such a huge difference in treatment.

What was worse, that woman was Sarah.

Freya was almost out of her senses. She found a fire extinguisher and wanted to slam it aggressively on the door.

Catherine immediately stopped her. “Don’t act impulsively. That’s an extinguisher. If you destroy it, it might explode. It’s not worth doing this because of Rodney.”

“Will it explode?” Freya asked tearfully.

“I’m not sure.” Catherine was speechless. “Just hold on. Shaun is on his way here.”

Upon being persuaded by Catherine, Freya abandoned the idea and leaned against the wall.

At this point, she was imagining how to kill Sarah, that b*tch, and put Rodney through a living hell.

After struggling for over ten minutes, she slowly regained her composure.

It was not worth getting into deep waters because of the two b*stards.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened.

Sarah appeared with crutches after not seeing Catherine and Freya for a long time. She was dressed in a costly silk pajama shirt. On this cold day, cozy heat could be felt from inside.

A middle-aged woman was cautiously holding Sarah beside her.

Sarah exuded the aura of a rich young lady.

The minute she caught sight of Freya, she said miserably, “ I didn’t expect you guys to come here looking for me. I’m left with nothing now. Why can’t you guys let me go?”

Catherine frowned grimly.

At the sight of Sarah’s annoying hypocritical look, Freya could not help but instantly slap her.

Sarah fell to the floor. Her face immediately swelled up, and her mouth started bleeding. She gnashed her teeth and covered her legs. It seemed that she was in excruciating pain.

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