Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 86

“What? Today is Granny Jones’ 80th birthday?”

“That’s unacceptable. The old woman is probably heading toward the end of her journey. You mustn’t miss the 80th birthday celebration.”

Jeffery’s face was written over with rage and embarrassment. “I’m looking into the matter of you ruining the engagement ceremony, so stop trying to divert the attention. I’ll naturally mention your grandma’s birthday after this.”

“Sure, let’s return to the engagement ceremony then. Based on the words of a newly-hired carer, you’re strongly accusing your own daughter without hesitation! Have you checked the security footage? I’ve stayed in the private room with Grandma since I stepped foot into this place and didn’t leave until the reception started. I believe a luxurious seven-star hotel like this will have many security cameras installed.”

Catherine declared in confidence, “If the security footage shows that I’ve been inside the media room, not to mention apologizing, but I’ll even kneel down on the ground and slap myself across the cheeks repeatedly as redemption.”

“Perhaps you instructed someone else to do it.” Cindy could not resist commenting.

“But Aunty Helen claimed to have seen me entering the media room. Isn’t that rather contradictory?” Catherine argued.

The guests were getting a better understanding of the full picture now. Wesley curled his lips into a faint smile before suggesting flatly, “If that’s the case, let’s inspect the security footage. It’ll not take long anyway.”

A look of terror flashed across Aunty Helen’s face.

Left with no alternative, Rebecca said, “Perhaps this is all a misunderstanding. We should at least continue with the meal before checking the footage. I’m sure everyone is getting hungry now. Besides, we shouldn’t miss the auspicious time—”

“We can’t leave things unsettled,” Catherine replied with a scoff, “Did any of you consider my feelings when you firmly accused me earlier?”

“That’s enough! We’ve suggested inspecting the footage later. What more do you want?” Ethan shouted in a low voice as he looked at the woman standing on the table. “Do you want the elders to apologize to you one after another?”

“Shut up!” Catherine scolded aloud. “My biggest regret is to have fallen for your sweet nothings back in the days! You said you treat me like a younger sister. Truth is, the two of us have been in a relationship since high school until two months ago. Do you think I don’t have proof simply because I’m not voicing it out? God knows how many intimate audio recordings you’ve sent to me on WhatsApp over the years.”

Then, she played the audio recordings into the microphone. Ethan’s tender voice instantly filled the room.

“Alright, darling Cathy, don’t be mad anymore. I’ll buy you a cake when I come home tonight okay?

“Cathy, I miss you. Do you miss me?


She continued playing several audio messages after that. The guests were all stunned into silence.

All of them had spoken with the man before, hence they recognized his voice.

The thick layers of makeup on Rebecca could not cover up the paleness of her face right this moment.

Ethan was now utterly embarrassed. He had never been this furious before in his life. He pounced forward with the intention to grab the woman who was standing on top of the table.

Right at this moment, a hand flew out from out of the blue to stop him.

It was Wesley. He looked at Ethan with a stern expression. “You’ve already disappointed others. Don’t lose the last bit of grace you have as a man.”

Catherine smiled. She did not think Wesley would take her side.

“Ethan Lowe, I initially didn’t want to expose you. We were childhood playmates, after all. And you could be my elder brother even if we don’t end up being together.

“However, you’re so disgraceful! It’s one thing that you dumped me but why throw me under the bus as you rejoice in your new relationship? What kind of a man are you?

“Besides, did you really get together with Rebecca because of love? It’s purely because she’s the successor to the Jones family.”

Then, she turned to face Cindy. “The great singer Cindy Turner. We were once best friends. Would you have known Ethan if not for me? Yet you claim that you’ve never seen him being attracted to anyone else. Are all celebrities professional liars too?”

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