Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 88

Besides, Ethan could not bring himself to imagine Catherine being with another man.

“Uncle, I think you’ve gone mad. Some people are not as innocent as they appear on the surface—”

“I’ve had more professional experience than you and I’m also a few years older than you, so you can stop telling me what to do,” Wesley interrupted the man softly.

“Moreover, what kind of a man are you to slander your ex-girlfriend who basically grew up with you?”

Ethan’s face was red with embarrassment. “I’m saying it for your own good. Grandpa and Grandma will never accept her into the family.”

“Is it for my own good or for yours? I’m sure you know the answer better than anyone else.”

Ding. At this moment, the elevator arrived.

Wesley led Catherine into the elevator, shutting out Ethan’s angry face on the other side of the elevator doors.

While in the enclosed space, she was overwhelmed by the emotions that crashed through her.

He glanced at her. Thinking that she must be frightened, he patted her on the head with a smile.

“Weren’t you really daring just now by jumping up on the table in front of everyone?”

Honestly, he had been shocked by her actions too.

This was probably the most memorable event he had participated in. However, she had looked rather attractive when she stood up for herself on top of the table.

Subconsciously, she dodged his touch. Her mind was teeming with a whole tangle of emotions that she could barely sort out.

“President Lyons… You’re Ethan’s uncle?”

“Yup,” Wesley admitted. “I only learned you’re Second Young Lady Jones not long ago. I’m familiar with the relationship between you and Ethan. He used to talk to me about you all the time in the past.

“In other words, I knew it was Ethan who betrayed your love. I’m truly sorry about that. Of course, after working with you on the villa project, I came to realize that you’re a talented woman worth appreciating.”

“Then why did you lie about being his distant relative?”

“I know you hate him, hence I didn’t want you to hold a prejudice against me,” he explained truthfully. “My admiration for you is genuine!”

Catherine inhaled deeply. “Excuse me for asking this, but does Ethan have another uncle from his mother’s side apart from you?”

The question took him by surprise, but he shook his head with a smile nonetheless. “No.”


She was at a complete loss for words.

She felt like she might pass out any time soon.

What about Shaun Hill being Ethan’s uncle?

Where the hell was Freya?

She promised she would not give that woman a quick death! Instead, she would take the time to skin her alive.

Freya had declared with absolute confidence that she got the right person. This was how she pushed Catherine into the dark abyss.

“Um… Are you alright?” Wesley noticed the color draining off her face. She looked as if she was about to faint.

“I’m fine. Perhaps I was exhausted from my battle earlier. I need to take a good rest and calm myself down.”

Catherine stepped out of the elevator feeling like the world was crumbling around her.

“Let me give you a ride home.” Wesley offered with concern.

“No, I can drive.” She waved her hand in the air dismissively.

‘Please let me go, Ethan’s uncle.’ She feared she might jump into the river later out of regret.

“Alright then. But please be careful. Send me a text when you arrive home.” He walked her all the way to the car.

She rang Freya immediately as her car drove out of the hotel.

“Where are you?”

“I just finished my exam and was about to find somewhere for a quick lunch. I have another exam in the late afternoon. Oh right, I called Patrick earlier and heard about your awesome acts—”

“I’ll come to you right now. There’s something I need to tell you. Oh right, you should probably suit up with body armor and helmet because I might accidentally end your life,” she said with an eerie voice.

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