Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 97

Before long, Ethan’s father called in anger.

“You useless son, what the hell did you do? Even your uncle was offended and Golden Corporation withdrew all their funds. Get back here this instant.”

The next morning, Catherine received a call from Wesley.

“Do you have time to have lunch together? I want to talk to you about the villa.”


“I’ll pick you up in my car,” Wesley said in a soft voice, “I’m afraid you won’t know the way to the restaurant.”

Catherine could only go along with his arrangement.

At noon sharp, Wesley’s car appeared downstairs.

She got in, and Wesley handed her a cup of milk tea. “I’m sorry, you were wronged yesterday.”

The milk tea was not expensive, so Catherine took it without reservations.

“After being backstabbed by a relative, I believe that you’re not feeling too good either, President Lyons.”

“You’re really smart.” Wesley’s eyes were full of bitterness, but there was sincere appreciation in his voice. “Ethan has really disappointed me. He wasn’t like this before.”

Catherine was disappointed and frustrated as well. She shared the very same thoughts.

At what point did that warm and sunny childhood friend of hers change beyond recognition?

Wesley started the car. “All the cooperations between Golden Corporation and Lowe Corporation have been canceled.”

“That must be a big blow to Ethan.” Catherine sighed. The position of the successor to Lowe Corporation that Ethan longed for was not stable anymore.

She suddenly felt a little sad.

After making a full circle, she never thought that the person who helped her get back at that scumbag would really be his uncle. He was just not Shaun Hill.

She became a little curious. If Ethan was no longer the successor to Lowe Corporation, would Rebecca still stay with him?

It would be interesting if Rebecca dumped him to climb another branch.

“Aren’t you happy?” Wesley had been paying attention to her beautiful and pure little face. She would sigh one moment and then look like she was about to cry in the next. It was quite cute.

“I am, but Aunt Sonya will definitely come to you to beg for mercy, right?”

Wesley looked at her with a smile. “It’s useless to plead for mercy. It was her fault for being so ruthless to you.”

The man’s eyes were affectionate, and Catherine was startled, not daring to look at him.

“Um… Let me treat you to a meal to thank you for being impartial.”

“No, if I were really impartial, I would’ve handed the case over to the police. Let me treat you instead as an apology.”

“No, you’re family, after all. You’ve already dealt with it beyond my expectations.”

“Can’t you just give me a chance to invite you to dinner?” Wesley blinked at her and said in a joking tone.

Catherine could not argue with him anymore.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at a famous high-end western restaurant in Melbourne.

Catherine was stunned. It was a bit ambiguous for a man and a woman to come to such a restaurant for dinner.

“Let’s go.” Wesley opened the passenger door for her.

Catherine had no choice but to follow him.

Wesley had obviously made reservations, and the waiter brought the two to the bright floor-to-ceiling window. Pink flowers flown in from abroad were decorated above them.

“Pink roses. They mean ‘I like your bright smile’.” Wesley picked up the flowers and handed them to her with gentle eyes. “Cathy, it might be too bold of me to say this, but I have to tell you that I have feelings for you. You’ve suffered a lot these recent days, but I sincerely hope that in the future, I can shield you from the wind and rain.”

Catherine was completely flustered. She had not expected Wesley to confess to her at this moment.

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