Mad Max by Brill Harper epub Download (Dukes of Tempest Book 1)

Mad Max by Brill Harper epub Download (Dukes of Tempest Book 1)

Mad Max by Brill Harper epub Download (Dukes of Tempest Book 1).  Mad Max novel Mad Max brightens your day. If you require this book in a different format, please let us know.

Synopsis of Mad Max (Dukes of Tempest Book 1)

Mad Max by Brill Harper (Dukes of Tempest Book 1) is a fantastic novel you can read online or save for later reading. Here is a summary of the book that you can read before you start reading or downloading. You may also be interested in the-heaven-earth-grocery-store-by-james-mcbride-epub-download 
I thought bad boy heroes only existed in romance novels…until Max Duke rode back into town and swept me off my feet. I was just a little girl with a crush when the notorious Max Duke and his brothers were run out of town for being too wild. When he roars back into Tempest astride his Harley, our corrupt mayor and his cronies tremble in their boots. All the women tremble too … but not with fear. Max is the ultimate tempting bad boy who comes to save our town, and he can have his pick of eager companions.

But this filthy-talking older man only has eyes for me. Just like my favorite book heroes, he claims me as his woman and promises to fill me with his babies and make all my dreams come true. Me–the curvy town bookworm who slings hash and pours coffee at the corner diner and still carries her V-Card.But I can’t ignore the warning bells going off in my head. Max is an infamous rebel with a questionable past. Can I trust him? Or am I setting myself up for heartbreak?

Author Confession: This small town steamy age gap romance is all about wish fulfillment. She’s been holding out for a hero and Max is a fantasy come to life. Plus it’s basically all spicy love scenes threaded together loosely with a plot. Because I like it like that.

About The Author

Details about Brill Harper’s ebook

  •  Name of Title: Mad Max (Dukes of Tempest Book 1)
  •  Author Name:   Brill Harper
  •  Language for Reading: English
  •  Supportive Formats: PDF/ePub
  •  Cost For Getting: Free to Download
  •  Genre:   Contemporary Romance Fiction
  • File Size:1.3 MB
  • Page:  109
  •  Price: Free


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Best Frenemies by Max Monroe may be downloaded from where?

The book is available for free at the bottom of this page. A PDF and ePub copy is provided, and you can also request the book in any other format.

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