Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children by Summer Wine Chapter 47

Chapter 47
“The new pretty girl is an autistic child It looks like her autism is quite severe.”
“]t seems like this is the first time that our kindergarten has accepted such a severely autistic Child They should’ve sent her to a special needs school since she has this disorder. Why did they send her to our kindergarten.”
“Autistic children also have the tendency to attack people What if she suddenly feels overwhelmed and bullies other children.”
The teachers in the olnice kept talking
Ava pushed open the door and walked inside. “Melody is indeed autistic, but I don’t think she has a tendency to attack anyone for the time being, Please don’t discuss a child behind her back”
“It’ll be late when you realize she has the tendency to attack people, ” An old teacher said sincerely, “Since nothing has happened, quickly get an excuse to suspend her. It is very difficult to cure this kind of autistic patient Sending her to our kindergarten is causing trouble for teachers like us.”
Ava’s expression darkened. “Even if she causes trouble, she will only do that to me. You don’t have to worry about her.”
After she said that, she opened the door of the office and walked out,
After she left, a small figure walked out from behind the pillar outside the office.
Alden’s face looked so solemn.
No matter if they were abroad or in their country, whichever school his sister went to, it seemed that they would encounter this problem.
He was really experienced in handling these matters. He must perfectly solve this matter while his mom did not know anything, or his mom could not work at ease.
Alden put his hand behind his back and took out a tablet from his bag.
People usually watched videos and played games using a tablet, but the tablet was a very good tool for him.
He quickly tapped on the virtual keyboard on his tablet. A while later, the screen of his tablet became blue, and different letters popped out.
Ten minutes later, Alden turned off his tablet.
He got up, walked over, and pushed open the door of the office.
The teachers in the office had switched their topics of gossip from Melody to other things. When they were happily chatting, the door was opened, and a child showed up at the door.
“Which class are you from? Didn’t anyone teach you that you should knock before you enter the room?” An old teacher furrowed her eyebrows and scolded him.
She had been a teacher for a dozen years, so she knew what kind of expression would make a
kid scared.
Unfortunately, the child in front of her was not a normal kid.
Alden indifferently walked inside as if there was nobody there.
He pulled out a chair and sat up. His imposing manner was slowly shown like an invisible net that surrounded the office. .
He gently said, “I also want to ask you something. Didn’t anyone teach you that gossiping about other people behind them is an immoral act?” “What did you say?” The old teacher showed an extremely cold and angry expression. “Tell me, which class are you from? How bold you are to speak so arrogantly in the teachers’ office. Our school doesn’t accept students like you! Ask your parents to come. We will talk about your suspension.”

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