Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children by Summer Wine Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Alden relaxingly went back to the Ninth Class. Ava sighed in relief. “I was about to go and look for you. Where did you go?” “I went to the restroom.”
Alden walked into the classroom and sat beside Melody.
Ava stared at him, and she felt that this boy had a very strong demeanor. Sometimes, she dared not even look at his eyes. But Alden was polite and obedient. When he spoke, his voice was soft and nice. This seemed like the imposing manner she saw was in her imagination.
During the break, Ava was summoned by Ms. Fitz.
About six teachers surrounded her and ordered her in a low voice.
“Alden’s sister is autistic, but our school has experience in this. If you don’t understand anything, just come and ask me.”
“Melody is very pretty. Such a beautiful kid is considered the pride of our school. You have to take good care of her and must not let her quit school.”
“Miss Jones, if you’re not that patient, you can transfer Melody to our class.”
The corner of Ava’s lips twitched. “Didn’t you ask me to get an excuse to expel Melody?”
“We were just testing you to see if you have the compassion that a kindergarten teacher should have,” Ms. Fitz awkwardly smiled and said, “Ms. Fitz, I hope you can help Melody recover from her autism with your responsibility and compassion as a kindergarten teacher.”
Alden had evidence that they took bribes. If Melody left, Alden would definitely expose their corruption. At that time, they would lose both money and dignity.
So, they would serve these two VIPs well and let them successfully graduate. At that time, would they only be free.
Although Ava did not know why these teachers suddenly changed their attitude, this did not get in her way. She did not judge Melody differently, so she naturally would not care what others thought. After school, Alden held Melody’s hand while waiting for their mom to pick them up. Although there were obstacles on their first day in kindergarten, they were solved perfectly. The kids looked very calm. Adina rushed over in a hurry. She smiled and greeted the teacher. “Miss Jones, thank you for the day. Are the kids obedient?”
“Ms. Daugherty, don’t worry. Alden is very mature, and Melody is also very obedient. The children in the class also wanted to befriend them.” After Ava spoke, she touched the kids’ heads. “When you go back, you can revise the song and dance that you learnt today with Mommy. Okay, goodbye.”
Alden obediently waved. After Adina bid goodbye to the teacher, she led the kids to get into the car. She was slightly surprised as she said, “Alden, does Ms. Jones like Melody very much?”
Alden nodded. “Ms. Ava treats Mel very nicely. Mel also doesn’t refuse to let Ms. Ava hold her hand.”
Adina finally sighed in relief. When she saw that Ava touched Melody’s hair, she was worried that the girl would darken her expression. Unexpectedly, she just accepted it. It seemed that this kindergarten could really treat every child fairly like what Ethan said.
She could finally feel rest assured.
Adina drove to the wet market to buy fresh groceries before she went to the supermarket to buy some snacks for her kids. Then, she drove back home.
Melody was autistic, but she was actually very independent. When she went home, she just sat on the carpet and played with puzzles. She was very quiet. Alden followed Adina into the kitchen and helped to wash the vegetables.
Although he was just four years old, he could basically do all sorts of house chores. When Adina was busy on usual days, he would even prepare lunch for his sister.
While Adina cooked, she talked to her son to understand what happened in kindergarten today.
At this time, her phone suddenly vibrated.

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