Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children by Summer Wine Chapter 50

Chapter 50
She got a new phone number after she came back, so not many people knew it. She thought it was an advertisement, so she immediately hung up. But the number called back again.
She wiped her hands ar
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“Adina, is that you?”
As soon as Adina heard the man’s cold voice on the phone, her expression became cold.
It was actually her father, Aaron.
She had been back for a few days, but her father only called her after so many days.
He used to be a good father who used to pamper her since she was small.
Adina scoffed and said, “Mr. Daugherty, how have you been?”
Aaron choked. He took a deep breath before he said, “Adina, I know you’re blaming me. But if you look at it from my perspective, you will understand why I would do that. You set fire to the Daugherty family and left at that time, and you declared war on the Daugherty family when you came back now. Can I not get angry?”
“So, Mr. Daugherty, to you, your daughter is not as important as the company,” Adina said coldly. “In this case, why are you still calling me?”
“Family should not hold grudges.” Aaron tried hard to make his tone softer. “Adina, you’re my daughter, and you’re my first child. Can’t I care about you? Your family name is not Xavier, so it’s not justified for you to stay in the Xavier family. I’ll send someone to bring you back.”
Adina’s smile became colder. He suddenly became so friendly to her, so there must be something in it for him. Did he want her to live in the Daugherty family so that he could let Dew try to kill her again?
She was not that stupid. Adina coldly said, “No need. I won’t go back to the Daugherty family.” Aaron was so angry that he nearly slammed his phone down. He swallowed his pride to call his disobedient daughter, yet she dared reject him.
She used to be very obedient and mature, so why would she become so arrogant now?
He forcefully took a deep breath. He suppressed his anger and said, “Your grandmother is going to have her 70th birthday celebration. Are you also not planning to come back and visit her?”
Adina was stunned.
When she was small, the person who loved her the most was her grandmother. She could still remember that her grandmother opposed her father’s marriage to Ruby. But later, Ruby got pregnant before they got married, and she secretly gave birth to Dew, so
her grandmother was forced to let Ruby marry her father.
When Ruby first came to the Daugherty family, Adina’s grandmother had been staying in the family in order to protect her from being bullied by her stepmother.
But Ruby was very good at acting. She bought Adina the most beautiful clothes and delicious snacks, which made Adina call her ‘Mom’.
In the subsequent years, Ruby also never exposed her true self. She was playing the role of a lovely mother.
But after Adina left the Daugherty family, she slowly recalled what happened in her childhood. Then, she realized that Ruby pampered her with an intention.
Aaron’s love for her was forced. Dew’s friendliness to her was also fake. She was only eighteen years old at that time, and she was really stupid. Therefore, she was set up, and she got pregnant before marriage. She even nearly died in the fire and five lives were lost at once.
“Your grandmother thought you died, so she had a heart attack. She has stayed in the hospital for about four years. When she heard you came back alive, she insisted on getting discharged from the hospital to hold a birthday celebration.” Aaron’s voice was heard again. “Adina, I won’t force you to come back. But before you make your decision, please think about your grandmother.”

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