Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children by Summer Wine Chapter 52

Chapter 52
“Yes, Sir.”
Mr. Brown immediately answered.
Master usually looked cold and indifferent, but he knew that no one loved the young masters more than him.
People said a father’s love was as sturdy as mountains.
Mr. Brown wanted to say that a father’s love was as deep as the ocean.
It was as deep as the ocean, and it could also put up with anything like the sea.
On the second floor, Harold sat on the balcony, and his eyes were filled with tears.
He was starving, so he secretly took out a biscuit from his bag and took a few bites.
But he accidentally choked on it, and his tears rolled down soundlessly. “I hate Dad the most…”
Harold cried while he yelled.
Dad was horrible! He was always so strict with him. He did not even allow him to leave the house, and he made him stay at home to learn those boring things…
He wanted to sneak out. He wanted to see Auntie Adina. He wanted to touch Melody’s face… The more he thought about it, the sadder he felt. Suddenly, his phone rang. He looked at it, only to see that it was his elder brother. He was so shocked that he quickly wiped his tears before he pressed the answer button.
“Harold Winters, you’ve grown up now. You would actually hide and cry alone.” Harold was shocked. “George, how did you know I cried?” “Did you just forget that we are twins, and our minds are linked?” George indifferently said,” Everytime you cry, I’m aware of it, but this time, you seem to be particularly sad. Tell me what happened.”
Harold looked very embarrassed. “I fell down, and my knees were bleeding. So the pain made me cry.”
“Really? I’ll ask Papa Brown to go and apply ointment for you.”
“No!” Harold irritatedly scratched his head. “George, can you stop being such a smartypants? Can you also not mind my business? I was just in a bad mood, so I cried. Why? Do I also lose my freedom to hide away and cry now?”
“I’m not stopping you from crying. I just wanted to know what you are crying for.” George’s indifferent voice was heard. “Since you don’t want to tell me, I also won’t force you. That’s it.
“Hey, wait!”
Harold shouted.
He sat in the corner and sighed. He did not have any friends, so he could only speak about what was on his mind to his brother.
“George, I met a woman. She is very beautiful and gentle. I like her a lot… But Dad made me quit school, and he wouldn’t allow me to leave the house. I can’t see her again. I’m very miserable now. Everyday, lessons start right after I wake up at 7 in the morning, throwing a million different things at me. I’m going crazy…”
George interrupted his moaning. “Who’s the woman?”
“I like the woman. Her eyes are very beautiful, like the moon in the night sky. Her voice is enchanting. If she could tell me a bedtime story, it would be awesome. I would sleep very soundly…”
“I didn’t ask you to compliment the woman. I’m asking you who the woman is, and what her name is.”
“Oh! She is Adina Daugherty…”
George instantly narrowed his eyes.
Adina Daugherty! Dew’s half-sister from a different mother!
The woman who was said to be dead for four years, but suddenly came back alive a few days
Why would that woman know Harold? Did she deliberately approach him? George coldly said, “Harold, if you’re smart, stay far away from that woman. She is not a simple woman.”

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