Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children by Summer Wine Chapter 54

Chapter 54
Since Ruby still wanted to play up the illusion of mother-daughter harmony, she was willing to cooperate.
She was hugged by Ruby for a while before she pushed her away. She said with grief, “Mom, I also miss you very much. When I wandered outside and was homeless for the past five years, what I missed the most is your love and protection for me. Now I’m back. Will you still love and pamper me like in the past?”
Pride could be seen in Ruby’s eyes.
Adina the brat was indeed the same as five years ago. As long as she pretended to show some concern, this brat would jump into the trap she set up.
Did this stupid brat still want to take revenge on the Daugherty family?
Ha! No way!
Ruby’s smile only widened. She held Adina’s hand and affectionately said, “Of course. I always love you like my own daughter. No matter what mistakes you make, I’ll still love and pamper you.”
As she spoke, she held Adina’s hand and walked into the house.
A few people were already sitting at the round dining table.
Adina’s second and third uncles, as well as Aaron, sat next to Old Mrs. Daugherty accordingly, while Ruby held Adina’s hand and sat at the other side of the dining table.
When Adina saw Old Mrs. Daugherty whose hair turned gray, her eyes suddenly became teary. She suppressed her emotion, and she whispered, “Grandma, I’m back.”
Old Mrs. Daugherty’s hand trembled. She gently patted the back of Addy’s hand, sighed, and said, “It’s great that you’re back… it’s great…”
She just said this sentence, but said nothing more.
Adina felt a little disappointed.
But she could also understand why her grandmother would behave like this.
After all, she went missing for four years, and she disappeared from the Daugherty family after falling victim to such miserable tactics. Over the past five years, Ruby and her daughter might have convinced her grandmother with countless stories.
Perhaps her grandmother also believed that she had set the fire at that time, and she humiliated the family by giving birth before marriage…
If her grandmother believed these stories, but still did not act indifferent toward her, this also
meant her grandmother still cared about her…
“Addy, you slimmed down a lot. Eat more meat….” Ruby played her role of a loving mother to the fullest. She kept adding food for Adina, and her plate became full very quickly.
Although many things happened five years ago, and the Daugherty family was also on the internet headlines five days ago, everyone had a tacit understanding that they did not mention any of that up in this birthday party.
Sammy and Becky kept showing their concern about Adina as if they really cared about this niece.
But Adina knew that Aaron had dominated the family these years, and he controlled the Daugherty Corporation. The second and third uncles had been terribly suppressed.
Now she was back, so Sammy and Becky would want to use her to deal with Ruby.
But she also planned to use Sammy and Becky to frame Ruby. Both parties were in a mutual relationship, so there was no psychological barrier to their cooperation.
Before Adina started to lay out traps, Dew suddenly spoke.
Since the start of the meal, Dew had been showing a smile. She fully embodied how a lady should be like.
But when she saw how well Adina was getting along with the Daugherty family members, she finally could not hold herself back.
“Addy, the previous incident was really a misunderstanding…” Dew spoke in a coquettish tone, “I’m not the heir of the Daugherty family, so when I go out, the bodyguards will protect me. Those bodyguards actually protected me. They did not ambush you there on purpose. We made such a huge misunderstanding last time, and I could not successfully bring you to find the two kids’ graves. Why don’t I bring you there again today?”
When Adina heard that, she kept scoffing.
Dew was no explaining herself about why Adina was attacked by the bodyguards last time. She was leading the conversation to tell everyone here that she, Adina, had given birth to two kids whose backgrounds were unknown.

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