Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children by Summer Wine Chapter 56

Chapter 56
Adina’s gaze became colder.
Even while Ruby worked hard to maintain the pretense of a loving mother, her father just exposed his true self.
She naturally knew it was impossible to get her shares of the Daugherty Corporation. No, based on the shamelessness of the Daugherty family, it was impossible for her to get back the shares if she did this.
But she insisted on asking it at this time. It was also good to cause some trouble for these people.
She bit her bottom lip, and she pitifully said, “Dad, I do not want to be the heir, but can you return the shares of Daugherty Corporation to me? That’s the heritage my mother left for me. I hope you can give it back to me.”
Aaron’s expression became darker.
Initially, he begrudgingly put up with this daughter, but it looked like there was no need to keep her.
She humiliated the family five years ago, and she should have died in the fire.
As soon as she came back, she just caused trouble. If she was still alive, she would only bring more trouble…
“What Addy said is right.” Old Mrs. Daugherty, who had been silent, spoke. “Those shares initially belong to Addy. Since she is still alive, they should belong to her.”
“Mom!” Ruby felt worked up. She finally could not keep up the act. “Dew contributed to Daugherty Corporation a lot these years. But she has nothing now, as soon as Addy came back? I’m not biased toward Dew, but I just think we have to be fair, no matter what we do. Addy and Dew are the daughters of the Daugherty family. You can’t be biased to any of them.”
Adina did not expect that her grandmother would speak up to protect her.
Actually, she did not even expect to get back her shares today, because no one would return what they had already taken.
But since her grandmother said that, she would want to make Ruby give up a portion.
Adina resumed. “You’re right, Mom. We have to be fair in everything. Let’s do this. From the legacy my mother left to me, I’ll give 25% of my shares to Dew. Dad, what do you think?”
When Dew heard it, she wanted to faint.
Adina was saying that she would give the shares to her!
But the truth was that she actually had to take out 25% of her shares from her assets to Adina the bi*ch!
She would not agree to it.
Old Mrs. Daugherty stared at Adina seriously. “Are you really willing to give 25% of the shares to your sister?”
“Yes, Grandma,” Adina said in a low voice, “All these years, Dew is the heir of the Daugherty family, and she sacrificed a lot for the family. She deserves these shares.”
Old Mrs. Daugherty nodded. “Dew, you should thank your sister.”
Dew nearly fainted in anger.
She needed to give up on some of her shares, and they still wanted her to say thank you. Why should she?
Ruby’s expression also darkened a lot.
From the first day she joined the family, this old hag had been protecting Adina the rascal.
They had not met for five years, but the old hag still thought about Adina. Why did this decrepit hag not die on the hospital bed?

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