Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1977

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2108

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1977

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1977

Josh made a bet with his wife while laughing. “Let’s have a bet. I’m guessing Zachary and Serenity’s first child will definitely be a son.”

Jasmine said, “I don’t dare to bet with you.”

She felt like her chances of winning were slim.

“Let’s not bet. The York family hasn’t had daughters for generations. I can’t guarantee that Seren can have a daughter during her first pregnancy. I can’t bet she’ll have both a son and a daughter.”

Jasmine thought she would most probably lose if they had a bet.

“Dear, you can just place your bet boldly. If I win, I’ll give you a set of jewelry. If I lose, you’ll get two sets of jewelry. I won’t let you suffer a loss.”

Jasmine burst out laughing. “What’s the point of betting, then? If you really want to make a bet, let’s do it. I bet Serenity and Zachary will have a son and a daughter. If I win, you’ll have to give me anything I want. If I lose, I’ll give you anything you wish for.”

Josh agreed.

He said, “I’ll bet that Zachary and Serenity will have sons for their first two pregnancies.”

Actually, he started the bet to divert his wife’s attention from eating ice cream. It was not good for her to have ice cream this late at night.

“Are we betting on them having only two children? However, Serenity will most likely have two children too. We can see who wins after the two babies are born.”



Jasmine knew her best friend well. Serenity would give birth to two babies, but a third was highly unlikely. Even if the Yorks were rich enough to afford to raise more children, Serenity would not want that.

Serenity would feel that having one child would be lonely.

Therefore, it was possible that she would have another.

Serenity did not know that a bet was started between Jasmine and Josh simply because her friend wanted ice cream. After talking to Jasmine, she sent the pictures to Zachary.

If there were any misunderstandings between her and Zachary, she felt it was best to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. If no one said a thing, it would only worsen the situation.

When Zachary received the pictures from his wife, he had just finished a business meeting and was about to go home.

On his way home, he became flustered upon seeing the pictures.

He called Serenity immediately.

When she picked up the call, Zachary anxiously explained through the phone, “Seren, that man isn’t me. It’s definitely not me. I don’t have any other women besides you.

“There’s only the back and side profiles of the man in the pictures. There’s no front view at all. That means the man isn’t me. The person must’ve feared being exposed if a picture was taken from the front.

“Who’s that woman? D*mn it. Someone had the audacity to frame me. I’ll have Josh investigate the matter for me right now.”



Zachary had the urge to tear the woman in the pictures apart.

“By the way, who sent the pictures to you, Seren?”

Serenity said, “I believe the man in the pictures isn’t you. I just sent them to you to have a look. The woman is Jenna. I remember her. It’s undoubtedly her.”

She had a deep impression of Jenna as Jenna had come to her house.

“It’s her?”

Zachary had only met Jenna once. After complaining about her, Mr. Daniels forbade his daughter from appearing before Zachary.

Therefore, Zachary could not recognize her.

He probably could not recognize her even if they had met several times. He barely paid attention to women and only had eyes for Serenity.

“Jasmine sent me the photos. Josh must’ve discovered them first, and then Jasmine sent them to me.”

Zachary complained inwardly, ‘Why didn’t Josh send me the photos first?’

As expected of a married man, Josh prioritized his wife, while his friends no longer held much importance.

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