Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1978

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2108

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1978

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1978

“From what I heard, Jenna posted the images on Facebook. They were only circulated to Josh because people who recognized you saw them. However, I feel it’s a scheme. Based on the images, the man looks like you.

“Babe, let’s investigate this matter first. Don’t target Jenna before investigating the case clearly because she did not explicitly mention that the man is you.

“Jasmine said Josh would find out the identity of that man. I’m telling you about this because I don’t want people with ulterior motives to use this to ruin our relationship. I’m not in Wiltspoon, and the pictures were shared.

“I’m an impulsive person, so I’ll probably misunderstand that you’re cheating on me while I’m not at home the moment I see those pictures.”

Zachary replied in a low voice, “Seren, I won’t be rash. I’ll wait till an investigation has been done.

“Mr. Daniels had gone overseas on a business trip lately. He’s not in the company.”

Zachary no longer followed up on the progress of the project the two companies collaborated on, but he still knew about Mr. Daniels’s recent news.

Jenna only dared to talk to Serenity at her house because Mr. Daniels had gone on a business trip.

“I know. You told me back when Jenna looked for me.”

Mr. Daniels was a sensible person. He did not support his daughter liking Zachary as Zachary was already married. He felt his only daughter could inherit Daniels Group if she made no major mistakes. She would be a successful woman, and there would be no need for her to snatch someone else’s man.

With their family’s conditions, what kind of man could his daughter not get?


“Are you done with your work?”

“Yea, I’m on the way home. I broke out in a cold sweat when I received the photos you sent. Thank you for trusting me and not suspecting I cheated on you while you weren’t at home, Seren.”

Serenity smiled and said, “If you were to have an affair so easily, you wouldn’t be mine anymore.”

When he was single before they married, no one could tell about the type of woman he wanted.

He was not even close to any young women.

He brought a team of bodyguards wherever he went to prevent young ladies from throwing themselves at him.

How could a man like that be so eager to cheat on her after being separated from her for several days?

They did not know if the man in Jenna’s pictures was a substitute boyfriend she found instead of Zachary. Otherwise, did she take pictures and post them intentionally to mislead others and then use their mouths to spread the news to Serenity to make her misunderstand Zachary?

Serenity thought if it were the latter, Jenna would be too hasty.

She could have waited until Serenity and Zachary had been separated for a year or so. If they had not met for a long time, Serenity would have overthought upon seeing those pictures.

On the other hand, she would not believe it since it had only been a few days.

Zachary even went to FC Manor for a holiday the previous weekend.

“I won’t have an affair. I’ve said that I won’t have another woman in my entire life besides you, Serenity. If I have another woman I love, that person will only be our daughter.”



Serenity laughed. “Even if we have a daughter, you can’t let her overtake me.”

“That’s for sure. You’re the first in my heart.”

If Zachary had a daughter, he would probably be a slave to his daughter like Ben. However, he would still love Serenity the most.

Children would leave their parents after they come of age.

Children would form their own families after growing up. They would have other people they care about and shift their priorities to their little families.

They would not give their parents much anymore.

On the other hand, his wife would be the person who would accompany him forever.

Zachary would not let his children overtake his wife’s position. Serenity was still the most important person in his heart.

His beloved wife.

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