Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1980

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2108

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1980

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1980

Mr. Tank responded with a smile, “Good morning, Mr. Kevin. I’ve done everything this morning, as you requested last night.”

As he spoke, he handed the bouquet and shopping bags to Kevin.

Kevin had told Hayden that he would have a batch of roses flown in from Wildridge Manor. It was true, but the roses were used to create the flower display. The bouquet he usually gave her still had to be bought in Jensburg.

He knew the florists in Jensburg would not sell rose bouquets to him anymore.

It was not a problem for him.

Kevin could arrange for the hotel employees to buy a bouquet for him.

Look, the bouquet was bought and presented the moment he woke up.

Kevin thanked Mr. Tank after accepting the bouquet and shopping bags.

“You’re too polite, Mr. Kevin. Do let us know if you have any requests in the future.”

Mr. Kevin rarely came to Jensburg. It was difficult for the hotel management to curry favor with him. The chance to provide aid to Mr. Kevin finally came, and it was exactly what Mr. Tank wished for. He was also tight-lipped and would never reveal the instructions given to him by Mr. Kevin.

“Thank you. I’ll turn to you for help again when I need it. I won’t be disturbing your work any longer, Mr. Tank. Bye.”

Besides having Mr. Tank buy a bouquet, a dress, and a pair of high heels, there were also two sets of breakfast.


Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1976

The bouquet, dress, and high heels were Kevin’s gifts to Hayden for the morning. Since it was a morning gift, there would be another one in the afternoon.

The breakfast was for Hayden as well.

He wanted to have breakfast with her.

After leaving his hotel, Kevin went to get his car from the parking lot of Jensburg Hotel, which was diagonally across the road. He did not drive last night as he was under the influence. The car was parked at Jensburg Hotel.

A few minutes later, the Maybach that Hayden desperately wanted to smash left Jensburg Hotel.

Kevin was in a great mood. He was humming along the way.

However, he was blocked by security upon his arrival at Queen Enterprise. His car was not allowed to enter the building.

“Mr. Kevin, Mr. Queen has ordered that you’re not to be allowed into the company without his permission if you ever come again. Please don’t put us in a difficult spot.”

The head of security of Queen Enterprise stopped Kevin personally and denied him entry into the office building.

Mr. Hayden had become a hot topic in Jensburg because of Kevin.

Kevin was not angry that he was blocked from entering. He lowered the window and asked the head of security, “Is Mr. Queen here yet?”

The head of security said, “I don’t know. I just started my shift.”



Through the window Kevin had lowered, the head of security spotted the bouquet and shopping bags placed on the passenger seat. It was obvious that Kevin had prepared those for Mr. Queen.

Kevin looked at the time. He said, “It’s not eight o’clock yet. I think Hayden is still on his way to the company. I’ll wait for him here and follow him in when he comes. I won’t put you in a difficult spot.”

“Thank you for your understanding and consideration, Mr. Kevin.”

The head of security was grateful.

He feared Kevin would have barged in forcefully.

While they were talking, Hayden’s car arrived.

As Kevin’s car was parked right in front of the company’s entrance, he stood out despite not blocking the way.

When Hayden’s driver saw the Maybach, he told her, “Mr. Queen, Mr. Kevin is here again. That car belongs to him.

Their young master usually drove a Maybach as well. However, Hayden switched cars and used a Rolls-Royce ever since Mr. Kevin declared he was pursuing him.

Hayden’s expression darkened.

That b*stard was really clingy.

She thought Kevin would not wake up early after drinking last night. She did not expect him to rise early and wait for her at the company’s entrance before she even arrived.

“Ignore him. Tell the security not to let him into the company.”



The head of security directed the security members who were on shift. After opening the company’s gates, he jogged to Hayden’s car as Hayden lowered the car window.

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