Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1982

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1982

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1982

The content of Kevin’s shouting seemed to be this: “Hayden, my feelings for you are true. I’m serious about this. No matter how you treat me, I like you and I will pursue you.”

The top floor of the company building was far from the ground. Even if Kevin had a loud voice, his shouting could not be heard on the top floor.

However, Hayden happened to hear it.

Not only Hayden but the senior management too. They all looked out the window and then at Hayden.

Hayden’s face was as dark as the bottom of a casserole.

She paused the meeting, got up, and walked to the window.

Hayden could not see clearly due to the distance, but when she listened carefully, she could tell that Kevin used a high-pitched loudspeaker.

He used it to amplify his voice such that Hayden and the people near her could hear him shout.

Hayden cursed softly.

She immediately took out her phone wanting to call the police and report Kevin for causing a public noise disturbance. Nonetheless, she gave up after some thought.

Instead, she turned to return to her seat and ordered her secretary, “Call the security team and tell them to let Mr. Kevin know that he can come in.”

This was so that Kevin would stop creating noise outside. While affecting the public, he would make Hayden the topic of people’s conversations again.


Although the noise would stop and Kevin would probably also be criticized and schooled if Hayden were to call the police, it would only be a palliative measure.

Kevin had too many ideas. Who knew what he would come up with next time to disturb her?

He was a man Hayden could not guard against the most.

“Understood, Mr. Hayden.”

The secretary hurriedly informed the head of security to grant Kevin entry so that Kevin would stop confessing to Hayden with a high-pitched loudspeaker.

The head of security was also troubled at the moment.

After the call with the secretary, the head of security rushed to Kevin as fast as he could.

“Mr. Kevin, Mr. Kevin.”

The head of security pulled Kevin’s hands with both hands and stopped him from shouting into the loudspeaker.

Kevin stopped shouting and turned to look at the head of security. He asked while smiling, eyes squinting, “What’s the matter? Is Mr. Hayden free to entertain me now?”

The head of security answered with an apologetic smile, “Mr. Kevin, I just received an internal call from Mr. Hayden’s secretary. Mr. Hayden said to let you in, so you should stop shouting here and causing public noise disturbance. People can call the police to restrain you.”

Kevin responded, “If Hayden had let me in from the start, I wouldn’t have needed to put in the effort to shout here.”



He then said to Mr. Tank, who was standing not far away, “Mr. Tank, you can take the loudspeaker away and keep it for now. I’ll use it when I’m refused entry into Queen Enterprise again.”

It was Kevin who called Mr. Tank to send him the loudspeaker.

Mr. Tank quickly came over to take the instrument away.

His face was red.

No one knew why his face was red. Perhaps it was because he was holding in his laughter.

Nevertheless, the head of security felt that Mr. Tank was blushing because he had a shameless boss like Kevin.

‘He’s too shameless!

‘If Mr. Hayden’s female admirers had the guts to be unrestrained like Mr. Kevin, he would’ve long been taken by a lady from a rich family.

‘Mr. Kevin can probably get Mr. Hayden because he’s shameless.


‘No, Mr. Kevin is a man, and so is Mr. Hayden.

‘They can’t be together. That’s not accepted by the world.’

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