Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1990

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2109

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1990

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 1990

“Hayden, I envy you. Your parents aren’t anxious about your marriage and don’t rush you at all.”

Hayden pursed her lips.

It was not that her parents did not pressure her, but they could not rush her.

After all, she was dressed as a man. Her parents wanted her to go on blind dates with men, but if she did, she would probably scare the men away.

Many people were pursuing her, but they were all ladies.

She could not marry them even if she wanted to.

As such, her parents were helpless.

They could only urge her brother, but Hugh disregarded his parents’ pressure. Every time he was urged to get married, he turned a deaf ear to it. As long as he was out of the house, he would forget what his parents said.

His parents were helpless in this.

“Mrs. Stone’s maiden name is Fisher. My big brother’s mother-in-law is Mrs. Stone’s younger sister, so her maiden name is also Fisher. Given how Caroline and Liberty look so similar, it’s highly likely that Mrs. Stone is Madam Fisher’s niece.

“That said, the age doesn’t seem to match.”

Hayden asked, “How old is Mrs. Stone now?

“The Fishers’ family head is seventy years old this year. Her first niece was born when she was eighteen years old, so her first niece should be fifty-two years old this year.”



Kevin answered, “I’m not sure of Mrs. Stone’s exact age, but she’s about the same age as my parents. Her eldest son is in his early thirties, so I’m guessing she’s nearly sixty now. She married into the Stones because she worked at Stone Group and was recognized by her husband and father-in-law.

“That said, Fisher is a rare last name. Mrs. Stone and her sister happened to be Fishers, their parents died, and they were sent to an orphanage because they have no family. Even so, Mrs. Stone is amazing—much more than her sister. Although her sister has been dead for more than a decade, from Serenity’s memories of her late mom, we could tell that she was kind and not as dominant as Mrs. Stone.

“When Mrs. Stone was young, she wandered the business world with her husband and held a pivotal position in Stone Group. Even though she’s now retired and all the power in the company has been handed over to her eldest son, she still has influence in the company. The seniors in the company still treat her with respect.

“I also often heard my nana talk about Mrs. Stone’s younger days. My nana said she admires someone like Mrs. Stone and initially wanted her to be her daughter-in-law, but the Stones beat her to it, so my nana could only give up.”

Hayden noted, “The Fishers’ eldest daughters have always been amazing.”

Kevin instinctively said, “The last family head was so powerful. How did she die at the hands of her sister? Even her husbands’ family wasn’t saved, and the whereabouts of her two young daughters are unknown. Nobody knows if they’re alive.”

Hayden choked.

She could only say after some time, “Even the best fall down sometimes. Perhaps the Fishers’ last family head accidentally offended her sister.”



Even the most powerful people had weaknesses and made mistakes.

Madam Fisher was also ruthless enough to disregard kinship.

She was only able to secure her position as the family head for decades by harming her eldest sister and younger sister.

Anyone who knew the Fishers’ family history said it was Madam Fisher’s karma that Caroline was switched at birth by their housekeeper.

Madam Fisher raised someone else’s daughter, whereas her daughter suffered from poverty and lived a miserable life.

“Some people in the Fishers can’t bear seeing Madam Fisher favoring her adopted daughter but also look down on Caroline, the real daughter. They’ve been secretly inquiring about the whereabouts of the last family head’s two daughters.”

Hayden asked Kevin, “Should I reveal this to the Fishers?”

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