Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2006

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2109

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2006

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2006

Serenity saw Liberty off to her car and did not forget to give her reminders.

Liberty smiled and said, “I should be telling you that. Your driving speed is too fast. You should listen to Zachary and get a driver.”

She was older than Serenity by several years and more mature. She drove carefully while Serenity would occasionally speed. Serenity enjoyed the thrill of speeding.

“I like being in control of the steering wheel.”

Liberty smiled helplessly.

The sisters went back to their respective stores from the preschool.

The bookstore was already open. Jasmine was cleaning the bookshelves with a duster. As students had already returned to school, the store was quiet.

The Bucham family’s bodyguards were chased away by Jasmine. She would stay in the store all day and did not need two people guarding the door. It would scare the students.

Serenity parked her car and got out of the car with her car keys. She called out to Jasmine as she walked into the bookstore.

She had also purchased a variety of fruits that Jasmine liked and brought a few bags into the store.

Jasmine walked out and saw Serenity holding bags of fruits. She went forward to take two bags from Serenity but was stopped. Serenity said, “You shouldn’t hold them. It’s quite heavy. I’ll do it. I’m stronger than you.”

Serenity knew self-defense, so she indeed had greater strength than Jasmine.


Jasmine said, “I can still hold two bags of fruits. My baby bump isn’t even showing yet. You all treat me like a fragile doll that’ll break when I exert some strength.”

Serenity still did not allow her to hold the fruits. She brought them into the kitchen herself. She took out a few of every type of fruit and placed the rest into the refrigerator.

As she washed the fruits, she told Jasmine, “The weather’s hot, so I stored the fruits in the refrigerator. Let me know if you want to have fruits. I’ll take them out of the refrigerator beforehand, and you can eat them when they’re a little warmer. Pregnant mothers should avoid eating cold food.”

“Seren, you’re suddenly bossing me around.”

Jasmine plucked two grapes and ate them. “Josh bosses me at home while you’re bossing me in the store. I have no freedom at all. How pitiful am I?”

Serenity said with a smile, “I’m not bossing you around. I’m giving you reminders for the benefit of my godson.”

“How do you know the baby in my stomach is a son? Both Josh and I want a daughter.”

“Through my instincts.”

“Okay. I think it’ll be a son too, but it’s alright. My first child can be a son, and I can have a daughter next. That way, my daughter will have a brother to care for her too.”

Jasmine preferred having a son and a daughter.

She thought most people would have the same opinion as well. Having both a son and a daughter felt complete.

“I envy Mrs. Young-Johnson. She had twins, and it’s a boy and a girl.”



Serenity had finished washing the fruits. She said, “I’m more envious than you are. At least you’re already pregnant. I got married earlier, but I haven’t gotten pregnant yet. People have been saying I’m infertile and waiting to see when Zachary will kick me out of the house.”

It was not just wealthy families. Even in ordinary families, men would divorce their wives who could not give birth and remarry shortly. On the other hand, most couples would opt for adoption instead of divorce if the husband were impotent. That was how realistic society was.

Serenity still had not gotten pregnant, so she had been tagged as an infertile woman in other people’s eyes.

Zachary loved and doted on her. He also said it was not her problem but because they did not plan on having a child yet. However, who believed that?

Everybody believed Zachary would be disappointed after three to five years and stop loving Serenity. He would then kick her out of the York family and marry another young, beautiful woman to have a child with.

Serenity was aware of what the people were talking about her behind her back.

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Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2006

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