Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2014

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2109

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2014

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2014

The current matriarch of the Fisher family was seventy years old. When her older sister gave birth to her first child, Madam Fisher had just come of age and was eighteen. If Mrs. Stone were Madam Fisher’s niece, she would be fifty-two.

However, Serenity remembered her aunt was older than that.

Aunt Audrey gained her father-in-law’s favor and her husband’s love after she started working at Stone Group. Subsequently, she got married and had children. Her eldest son, Clive, was already thirty-two years old. If she was indeed the eldest daughter of the Fisher family’s previous matriarch, it meant she had given birth to her son when she was merely twenty years old.

Although people had gotten married early forty or fifty years back, Serenity still found giving birth to a child at twenty years old slightly too young.

“Aunt Audrey, the eldest niece of the Fisher family’s matriarch should be fifty-two years old this year. This doesn’t match your age.”

Mrs. Stone said, “My current age is fake. It’s older than my real age by eight years. In the past, many people would lie about their age when registering for an identification card. It was so they could come of age earlier to work and earn money.”

Serenity and Elisa were speechless.

“Mom, you lied about being eight years older!”

As a daughter, Elisa did not even know her mother’s actual age.

Mrs. Stone said, “Most people only use identification cards to calculate one’s age. If Serenity didn’t mention this, I wouldn’t have revealed it.”



She had been working since she was a teenager.

She was not even twenty years old when she gave birth to Clive.

During that time, many women gave birth when they were seventeen or eighteen years old. Her giving birth at her age was also considered slightly late.

“If your age matches, Aunt Audrey, you and my mom are most likely the nieces of Madam Fisher,” Serenity said.

Mrs. Stone remembered the past. In addition to what Serenity said about the Fisher family, she thought the Fisher family in Jensburg was her maternal family as well.

After long consideration, she said, “Seren, this concerns your mom’s and my identities. I’ll investigate this thoroughly.”

“Let me and Zachary know if you need any help, Aunt Audrey. I’m not that capable, but Zachary can be of help. Kevin is still in Jensburg now. It was him who obtained the information about the Fisher family’s past from Hayden.

“Actually, this isn’t a secret in Jensburg. Anyone can find out if you ask someone of the older generation.”

However, it had been tens of years since the incident occurred. Many people who knew of it were not around anymore. The younger generation only hears of it, but there was no evidence proving the things they heard were true. Therefore, it became a rumor.

Mrs. Stone’s expression became serious. She did not say a word.



If the Fisher family in Jensburg was her family, and if what her niece said was true, were her parents and relatives killed by her aunt?

Mrs. Stone did not remember her aunts’ faces, but she could vaguely recall her aunts adored her and her sister.

She thought her aunts were dead too.

When she and her sister were brought away by a woman, she never saw her aunts. They did not show up for her parents’ funeral. Hence, she thought her aunts had ended up like her parents who went out and never came back.

Thinking about it, her second aunt was still alive.

If it really was her second aunt who had killed her mother and other aunt, the reason her second aunt never showed herself could be explained. Her second aunt must have felt guilty. She had caused her sisters’ death. How would she dare to face her two nieces?

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Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2014

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