Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2019

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2019

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2019

Serenity said to Elisa after some thought, “Right, Remy isn’t like that, and it’s also not easy to make Julian do something. It’s difficult for even Zachary to get him to do something. Every time we need his help, we need Josh to find him.

“Elisa, no matter what Julian is up to, Remy is the one who benefits from it anyway. Doesn’t Aunt Audrey think that Remy is more suitable for you now? Your relationship with Remy will soon come to fruition.”

Serenity was much more optimistic.

Maybe because this was not happening to her, she was not as anxious as Elisa was.

As long as Julian did not truly like Elisa, it would be fine.

“But this is like a big rock hanging over me and Remy’s heads. We don’t know when it’ll fall.”

Elisa sighed and said to Serenity, “I guess I’m not very lucky, always facing rocky roads when it comes to relationships.”

Zachary was an exception as it was purely a one-sided love from her.

Nonetheless, she and Remy were attracted to each other and well-matched, but her mom still discouraged them from being together.

When she liked Zachary in the past, nobody supported her too.

She and Remy were the best match, but apart from her sister-in-law who supported her in her quest for true love, everyone else was as reluctant as her mom was to let her marry far away.



Remy’s house was just next door, so Elisa could come home for dinner every day even after marriage, but people still said that it would be a distant marriage. She did not know what else to say.

“Elisa, as long as you and Remy can persevere, your relationship will come to fruition. You also said that Aunt Audrey’s attitude toward him is much better now. In fact, Aunt Audrey doesn’t mean that he’s bad. It’s just that she’s too attached to her family and can’t bear to let her loved ones leave her side.

“Look, now that Julian is in the picture, doesn’t she realize who is more suitable for you?”

Aunt Audrey and Serenity’s mom experienced the tragedy of a broken family when they were young, and the sisters were later separated again. Aunt Audrey particularly valued kinship because her family was broken when she was young, and she was also separated from her only sister such that they never met again even until her sister’s death.

Elisa smiled. “That’s true. I know my mom just can’t bear for me to leave. She values kinship very much.”

Although her mom had always disapproved of her and Remy being together and also did something to ruin their relationship, she did not force her and Remy to separate.

Elisa did not resent her mom for this.

“Seren, what if my mom is really from the Fishers?”

“If they’re a family, it’ll depend on what Aunt Audrey chooses. She might not fight for the position of the family head, but she’ll definitely avenge her parents.”

Not to mention Mrs. Stone, even Serenity wanted to seek justice for her grandparents.

They could not die in vain.

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2019


The death of Serenity’s grandparents led to the tragedy of her aunt and her mom after that. Her aunt survived and saw the light in the end, but her mom did not manage to do so.

Even if her aunt could let it go, she could not.

Elisa nodded and said, “I’ll ask my big brother when he comes home. My mom discusses everything with him and asks him to execute things.”

She was somewhat capable, but her mom still relied on her big brother the most.

“It’s only natural for Clive to be capable. You shouldn’t be discouraged. After all, we’re all improving. Aren’t you much better than before? You used to only know how to spend money. Have you ever earned money? Now, we’re making money, and we’re making a lot of it.”

Elisa chuckled. “That’s true. I’d like to share my mom’s worries, but I’m not capable enough. That said, I’ve improved a lot from before.”

Nowadays when she went out, people treated her with respect.

Together with Serenity and Jasmine, she started a vegetable and fruit business, so she deserved to be treated with respect.

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