Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2022

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2022

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2022

“Doesn’t Julian know the consequences of doing that? If his dad finds out, neither he nor Elisa can live in peace,” Zachary added.

Serenity chuckled and asked, “Does it really have nothing to do with you? Then why are you avoiding eye contact with me? You don’t dare to look me in the eye.”

She held Zachary’s handsome face in place and forced him to look at her.

“Zachary, you said you’d never lie to me again. If you do, you’ll sleep in the study for a year.”

“I never said anything about sleeping in the study for a year,” Zachary said with guilt.

He only said that he would not lie to her again but did not say that he would sleep in the study for a year.

He could accept sleeping in the study for a day, but definitely not a year—not even a month.

“You didn’t say that—I did. If you lie to me again, and I find out about it, you’ll sleep in the study for a year and won’t be able to touch me at all.”

Zachary sulked and said, “Honey, you know that is worse than killing me.”

“Then don’t lie to me.”

“I… Okay, I’ll tell you the truth, but don’t tell Elisa after you hear it. I’m not afraid of her settling accounts with me, but I’m afraid she’ll give me an underhand punishment in front of you.”

Elisa was Serenity’s cousin, so Zachary could not offend her.

“Tell me, what’s going on?”

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2022


Zachary carefully explained, “In a way, this is all because of Aunt Audrey. Isn’t she trying to break up Remy and Elisa? You know she fancies my cousin Andrew, right?

“But Andrew has no feelings for Elisa, and he also doesn’t dare to have feelings for her. She’s wholeheartedly in love with Remy now, so Andrew is destined to fail if he interferes. Since he knows he’d only get hurt, he’d be a fool to do that.

“Aunt Audrey has many tricks and is always scheming against Andrew. He was very annoyed by it, so he came to complain to me. Given that he’s my cousin and that he asked for my help, I’ll surely help him as much as I can.

“That’s why I suggested something to him, but I don’t know what went through my mind at that time. I mentioned Julian, and then… That happened.”

Serenity was speechless.

“You’re really something, Zachary. This is your idea, after all. If Elisa finds out and doesn’t come knocking to deal with you, she’ll change her last name to York. Don’t forget Remy. He’s good friends with you, and yet you created a new love rival for him.”

“Julian isn’t serious.”

Zachary was extremely guilty as he said that.

Julian was not serious, but his appearance gave Remy and Elisa trouble. The two of them felt very troubled at the moment.

“By creating some trouble for Remy, it’ll make it harder for him to chase his wife, but he’ll especially cherish her in the future once he wins her heart.”



Zachary was guilty. He addressed Elisa as Remy’s wife instead of calling her by her name.

If Elisa was present, she would surely find something to hit him, so it would be useless no matter what Zachary called her.

“Do you hear yourself? Remy’s feelings for Elisa are clear to see. If their relationship comes to fruition, they’ll live happily together, and Remy will also spoil Elisa for life. The men of the Johnsons are known to be very loyal.

“Elisa used to always say good things and sing praises about you to me in the past. She asked me not to miss out on you and that I should stop having conflicts with you, but this is how you repay her. If she finds out, she’d want to chop your head off.”

Zachary responded, “Honey… I didn’t think much of it and casually said it. I didn’t expect Andrew to persuade Julian to help him. You mustn’t tell Elisa about this. She’ll rip me apart if she finds out.”

“Are you finally scared now? Let’s see if you dare to talk too much and come up with nonsensical ideas anymore. You weren’t even capable of pursuing your wife, and yet you’re trying to advise other people.”

Zachary quickly promised her, “I promise not to mess around anymore. I’ll only give my brothers a few suggestions if they come and beg me.”

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