Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2025

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2025

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2025

Mr. Brown also said, “Liberty, keep it for yourself. We’ll be content if you raise Sonny well.”

Hank’s reputation had been ruined, so he probably would not remarry in the future. As for his marriage with Jessica, they would likely be divorced.

In that case, the Browns would only have one grandson, Sonny.

At this moment, Sonny was the most important person to Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

As long as their grandson was well, everything came second.

“My business is quite good, so I’m able to make some money. This isn’t much, so use it to buy some food for yourselves. I still have things to do in the store, so I’ll be heading back first. Once Sonny is on break on Saturday, I’ll bring him here to see his dad.”

Liberty insisted on putting the money into Mrs. Brown’s hands.

It was not much, only three hundred dollars.

Mrs. Brown helplessly accepted the money and picked up the bag of fruits Liberty brought. She ran out and insisted that Liberty take the fruits away. Liberty refused, so the two of them went back and forth about it. In the end, Mrs. Brown carried the bag back to the ward.

Chelsea opened the bag and went through the supplements Liberty brought. She said, “They’re supplements for blood. Liberty is too kind. Our family used to treat her badly, and yet she’s willing to visit for the sake of Sonny and even brought supplements. I’m lost for words.”

She also took out a box of supplements from the bag and said to her mom, “Mom, I was also injured and hospitalized, and I just got discharged from the hospital. Since Liberty brought two boxes of supplements, I’ll take one back to restore my health.



“What fruits did Liberty bring?”

She took the bag from her mom’s hand and opened it to see that it was a bag of grapes. She picked one to eat and found that it was crunchy, sweet, and seedless. She also did not need to peel its skin. She immediately said, “Mom, Hank can’t eat these yet either. The fruits won’t last long as they’ll go bad due to the weather.

“You and Dad can take some. I’ll take the rest back to my kids.”

Liberty was generous. The grapes she brought were expensive ones. Chelsea had eaten them before, and they cost ten dollars per pound.

When Chelsea bought the grapes herself, she could not bear to buy a lot of them. She would only buy a pound or so, unlike Liberty who bought a big bag.

“Everything would’ve been fine if Liberty and Hank didn’t divorce. Our family would’ve lived better lives.”

Chelsea sighed.

If her brother and Liberty had not divorced, her parents would still be looking after her children, and she and her husband would not have lost their jobs. Her parents could also subsidize her small family with their money, and the money she and her husband earned could be saved.

 Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2025

Although her husband opened a store, the expenses were high. The money he earned in a month was not as much as what Liberty earned from her breakfast diner.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown looked distressed when that was brought up.



Mr. Brown sighed after a long time and said, “Our family isn’t blessed enough—Hank isn’t blessed enough.”

Their good daughter-in-law was forced to divorce, and their new daughter-in-law was so bad that she caused chaos in the family and almost killed their son.

“I heard that Liberty is opening a new store. Her business will get better and bigger. I truly envy her.”

Chelsea envied Liberty.

Knowing that her daughter would not change her ways, Mr. Brown immediately warned her, “Chelsea, you can’t go to Liberty. If her business is good, it’s because she’s capable. As much money as she earns, it’s all because of her abilities and blessing. You can’t go to her to borrow money.”

“Dad, I know. In the past, I would’ve been jealous and found a way to sabotage her if I see her doing so well. I won’t do that now. Ever since she saved Lucas, I stopped targeting her and her sister.”

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