Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2066

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2066

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2066

Serenity did not sit still. After putting her bag down, she got up and followed her mother-in-law into the kitchen.

Zachary greeted his dad and placed the vitamins on the coffee table. He said, “Dad, Serenity bought these for you and Mom.”

After speaking, he sat beside his dad and glanced at the newspaper. He asked, “What news are you reading?”

“I’m just taking a look to pass the time. Why didn’t you bring Sonny back? I won’t be as bored if he’s here.”

Although playing with a child was torturous and tiring, Liam liked doing it.

Whenever Sonny came, he would follow Sonny around.

“Sonny’s father woke up. Liberty’s bringing Sonny to the hospital to visit his father tomorrow.”

Liam said, “Oh, I see. That man woke up?”

He knew how Hank used to treat Liberty. He felt Hank had brought everything upon himself. It was retribution. If he were any more evil, he would have hoped Hank never woke up.

“Yes, he regained consciousness and is able to eat now,”

Zachary said in a low voice. “He’s lucky.”

The doctor dared not guarantee Hank would be able to regain consciousness after getting stabbed by Jessica that many times. However, he survived.

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Liam folded the newspaper and placed it back. He said, “ He’s still Sonny’s biological father. As long as he’s alive, Sonny will have a dad.”

Zachary hummed in agreement after a moment of silence.

At that moment, Callum brought Camryn in.

“Uncle Liam.”

Callum greeted Liam with a smile.

“Welcome back.”

Liam had always been gentle to the younger generation. He knew his nephew’s wife relied mainly on her hearing, so he gave his nephew a reply.

When Camryn heard Liam’s voice, she turned in his direction and greeted him too.

Callum guided Camryn to sit on the single-seater together. It was big enough anyway and accommodated both of them nicely.

“Where’s Aunt Tania?” Callum asked.

“She went to the kitchen with your sister-in-law.”

Zachary leaned forward with a hand on the coffee table to support his weight. He pushed a fruit platter with his other hand, hinting to his brother to let Camryn have some fruit.

After letting go of the plate, his gaze traveled to the ground.

“I think the coffee table is wobbly.”



He got up and placed both hands on the coffee table as he spoke. However, he did not seem to have found a problem even after pressing and shaking the table. He thought he had been hallucinating.

While Zachary did that, Liam’s nerves tensed immediately. His wife had just stuffed a piece of paper under the coffee table. Even if it was folded, it was very thin. Despite that, his son still managed to sense the table was unstable.

“How can the coffee table be unstable when it’s never been moved? You’re overthinking, Zack.”

Zachary thought he had been mistaken, but he knew he was right upon hearing his father’s words. There must have been something under the table.

His dad had exposed himself by saying he was overthinking.

Zachary pushed the coffee table forward right away.

The prescription his mom had stuffed under the table entered his sight.

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Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2066

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