Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2068

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2068

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2068

Without his mother’s reminder, Zachary immediately called the family doctor. When the doctor answered, he asked, “Has my nana or parents felt unwell lately?”

“No. Old Mrs. York and your parents are all healthy. Why do you ask, Mr. Zachary? Did something happen to Old Mrs. York?”

The family doctor thought something had happened to Old Mrs. York as she was the oldest.

Although he was not in charge of the Yorks’ health checkups, he could find out immediately by asking his colleagues or alumni who worked in the hospital.

The Yorks did not seem to have any issues.

They were all health-conscious people and perfectly healthy.

That family was definitely favored by the heavens.

The younger generation of the Yorks were elites, while the retired family members were healthy and physically fit.

Health was the greatest wealth.

Aside from being healthy, they possessed substantial riches too. Their reputation of being the richest family was well-deserved.

“My nana isn’t in Wiltspoon. She’s traveling and doing fine. I’m worried about my parents. I found a prescription under the coffee table just now. I’ll send it to you. Please help me find out what it’s for.”

“Okay, Mr. Zachary. You can send me the prescription.”

“Zack, I already said that your dad and I are fine. There’s no need to find out. We don’t even know who stuffed the paper under the table. Just throw it away.”


Tania wanted to throw the prescription.

Zachary did not allow it.

“Mom, why are you flustered if you and Dad are fine? It’s just a prescription. We can always throw it after confirming what it’s used for and that no one in our family is sick.”

Callum also took the prescription to have a look.

As Camryn could not see, she listened to the conversation attentively.

Serenity thought her in-laws looked panicked.

She guessed they were the ones who hid the prescription under the table.

She said, “Mom, Dad, let the doctor assess what sickness the prescription is for. Even if it isn’t our family member who’s sick, we can find out who hid it there and if they require our help.”

If their employee had fallen sick and needed help, they could lend a helping hand.

Since her son and daughter-in-law said so, Tania would only deepen her son’s suspicions if she said anything more.

She regretted putting the prescription under the coffee table.


Zachary took a picture of the paper and sent it to the family doctor.

Not long after, the doctor replied.

“This is a prescription to nourish the body, Mr. Zachary.”



“What problem does it target?”

The family doctor said honestly, “It’s targeted to aid with infertility and suitable for improving women’s health.”

The family doctor had replied with audio messages.

Zachary had played the messages in front of everyone.

Everybody heard the family doctor’s words crystal clear.

It was a prescription to improve women’s health, especially infertility issues.

Was that not indirectly pointing to Serenity?

Zachary’s stern, icy expression went dark in an instant. He thanked the family doctor and looked toward his parents. He asked in a deep voice, “Mom, Dad, where did you get this prescription? Is it for Serenity?”

“No. It’s for your mom. I remember now, Zack. This is an old prescription. When your mom and I married, your grandmother noticed that we were still without a child even after some time. She heard from someone that this prescription was effective, so she got it for your mom. However, your mom got pregnant with you before we even got the medicine.”

Tania was speechless.

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