Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2085

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2109

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2085

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2085

“My brother is here.”

Hugh wanted to inform Kevin, but unexpectedly, Kevin got up and stepped forward with the two bags.

Hugh muttered, “What sharp eyes and quick movements.”

It was no wonder he dared to pursue his sister, and his sister had to put up with it.

When other people saw Hayden being pestered by Kevin, they wondered how the two would end up. However, Hayden’s twin brother viewed that his sister was indulging Kevin’s pestering.

Who is his sister? How amazing was she? Could she really have no way of getting rid of Kevin?

It was clear that she also appreciated Kevin. That was why she indulged him in his continuous pestering of her while acting as if she was helpless about it.

Oh, of course, those were just thoughts he harbored secretly. He could never speak of them aloud, or his sister would give him a severe beating.

Hayden’s handsome face hardened when she saw Kevin walking over.

Kevin approached, saw her expression, and smiled. “Isn’t your face tired from tensing all the time?”

Hayden glared at him again.

“Other people relax their faces, but you’re always tensing yours.

“You must be hungry. I just had someone bring you breakfast, so you can eat in the car. Let’s go. Donnie and Sophia are still waiting for us to go home for lunch.”

Kevin freed up a hand to try to hold Hayden’s hand, but she avoided it.


Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2085

Hayden did not speak or take the breakfast. She strode toward the outside of the hotel while surrounded by her bodyguards.

Hugh came forward.

“Bro,” he shouted while catching up with Hayden.

“Bro, it didn’t even cross my mind that you would be hungry, but Mr. York did. He even had someone pack breakfast and send it over. I can testify that the food was delivered just earlier. It’s breakfast from Fortress Hotel.”

Hayden remained silent.

She walked with large strides and soon left the hotel. The bodyguards followed suit.

There were entertainment news journalists lurking nearby, but they did not take pictures when they saw her brother and her. The pictures they fancied taking were of her and Kevin.

Soon, Hayden got in her car.

The bodyguard was just about to close the door when Kevin swept over like the wind, shouting, “Wait up.”

The bodyguard was half a second too slow. The piece of gum took advantage of the chance and swiftly got into Hayden’s car.

Hayden wanted to kick him out of the car.

Her foot moved, but in the end, she did not kick him.



Kevin sat beside Hayden, handed her the two bags of breakfast again, and said, “Eat something first. Going hungry is bad for your stomach. I’ll leave the food here and get out at once.”

Hayden looked at him, then at the two bags of breakfast. After a moment of silence, she reached out and took the bags.


To be honest, the feeling of being cared for, taken care of, and having someone be considerate of her was quite pleasant. It would easily make one’s heart flutter.

Kevin said, “Eat it while it’s warm. It won’t taste good cold.”

Then, he opened the car door and got out.

Hugh watched Kevin get out of the car and asked with a laugh, “Were you chased out by my bro?”

“Your bro could never bear to chase me out of the car. I drove here myself, so I have to drive the car back somehow. It’s enough that I gave him breakfast. If I stay in his car, he’ll be stubborn and refuse to eat. I’ll be the one distressed if he hurts his stomach by starving.”

Hayden had not recovered her identity as a woman, so in public, Kevin played along with Hugh and treated Hayden as a man.

Hugh patted Kevin’s shoulder and grinned. “Mr. York, for this thoughtfulness you’ve shown to my bro, I will support you in spirit. Go for it!”

Kevin laughed. “Thanks. I’ll work hard.”



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