Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2089

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2089

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2089

Chelsea joined her mother in criticizing her brother. She said, “Hank, this time, no matter what, you must get a divorce. You can’t be with that wicked woman Jessica anymore. Do you know what kind of life our two families have been living after your incident?

“You can’t only think about yourself and that wicked woman. You should also consider us. I was cut by that wicked woman while trying to save you. We stayed in the hospital for several days. We are siblings, but I haven’t asked you to compensate me for my medical expenses.

“But you must listen to us and quickly divorce that wicked woman. And don’t issue some forgiveness statement. She stabbed you almost to death, and you still want to forgive her? What kind of forgiveness is that? Even if you flirted with her first, if she didn’t have any ideas, the two of you wouldn’t have ended up like this. It takes two to tango.

“When you flirted with her, why didn’t she quit her job? Why didn’t she keep her distance from you? Instead, she exchanged glances and engaged in ambiguous behavior with you. Whatever gifts you gave her, she gladly accepted. It’s not like you forced her to do all those things.

“It was clearly her own despicable actions, yet she acts like a victim. You forgive her, but why don’t you show some forgiveness to our parents and your sister? Haven’t you seen how our parents’ hair has turned white because of your actions?

“Quickly divorce her and let her face severe punishment. You didn’t die, so she shouldn’t be sentenced to death, but considering her crimes, a life sentence would be appropriate. Let her spend her whole life inside. Once you’re divorced, go and reclaim your wife and son.”

Chelsea wished she could personally go and bring Liberty back for her brother.

Mr Brown, who had been silent all this time, spoke up, “Liberty… I’m afraid you won’t be able to bring her back, but you must divorce that Yates woman. She almost killed you. Our family will never forgive




“Hank, your mother and I are getting old. We can’t handle this kind of turmoil anymore. If something like this happens again, your mother and I might just pass away from the shock. If you still consider us your parents, then divorce that woman with the surname Yates. And don’t you dare write that d*rn pardon letter. What she did doesn’t deserve forgiveness.”

It would have been forgivable if Jessica had injured Hank unintentionally. However, she did it out of her own will. She aimed to stab Hank to death and then kill herself, taking Hank along to the depths of hell.

It was a case of attempted murder.

She could not be pardoned for that.

After stabbing Hank many times, she even cut her sister-in-law Chelsea with her knife. She could have easily ended her own life before the cops came, but she did not do it.

Mr. Brown speculated that Jessica only wanted to end his son’s life. When it came to taking her own life, she was too afraid to do it.

As Hank tried to say something, door knocks came.

Emma was near the ward door. After she heard the knocking, she went to open the door.

Liberty was at the doorstep, carrying a bag of apples in one hand, and holding Sonny’s hand in the other. Sonny was hugging a bouquet of flowers. Right beside the mother and son, was the wheelchair- bound Duncan, who was accompanied by a bodyguard.

“Aunt Liberty.”

She habitually addressed Liberty as “aunt”.

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2089


Liberty casually corrected her. “Me and Hank are already divorced, just call me Liberty.”

The child flapped her lips, but eventually said nothing.

She stepped aside to allow Liberty and Sonny to enter the ward, then looked at Duncan.

Although she was only ten, she actually knew a lot.

She often heard her parents mentioning about her uncle’s divorce. They said that her aunt turned into a completely different person after the divorce. She now had a successful career, considerable wealth, and a tycoon vying for her love.

“Liberty, Sonny, you’re here!”

Chelsea immediately greeted them as she saw Liberty and her son walk in. She was so happy it was as if her face had bloomed flowers.

“Aunt Liberty.”

Chelsea’s two sons greeted Liberty.

Like their sister, they are used to calling her their aunt.

Lucas instinctively wanted to take the bouquet from Sonny’s hands after laying eyes on it, but was stopped by his brother. His brother was once taught a lesson by Zachary, thus, he was more sensible now.

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