Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2097

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2097

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2097

“Chelsea and her mother continued to cause chaos even after Sonny’s dad married Jessica. I try to stay as far away as I can from her. I would be a fool to have a meal with her, let alone hire her as a supervisor for my store.”

Liberty was traumatized by Chelsea’s shamelessness.

Duncan replied with a hum and lowered his head to look at Sonny, who was sitting on his lap. He stopped talking to Liberty about the Brown family.

After exiting the inpatient building, he asked her, “Where will we have our meal?”

“We should go somewhere better since it’s my treat. Where do you usually go? If you’re used to dining at that particular place, I’ll treat you to a meal there.”

Duncan smiled. “I usually had my meals at Wiltspoon Hotel in the past.”

He was good friends with Zachary. It was a given that he would help Wiltspoon Hotel with its business.

Duncan was not involved in the food and beverage industry. He felt the competition was too strong, and they could never compete against Wiltspoon Hotel.

“Let’s go to Wiltspoon Hotel then.”

Liberty said generously, “It’s on me. Don’t fight me over the bill.”

Duncan grinned. “Okay. I won’t insist on paying.”

Liberty could afford to treat someone occasionally as she was earning money. Therefore, Duncan was not being excessively considerate. If he were too polite, she would get angry.

Sonny got into Duncan’s car while Liberty drove hers. The two cars soon left the hospital.

Right then, Chelsea and her husband walked out with their three children.

Chelsea had just gotten scolded by her parents. Her upset was clearly written on her face.

She complained to her husband, “I did it for the sake of Hank and my family but ended up getting scolded by my parents. What did I do wrong? I was just being straightforward and not beating around the bush. It’s unreasonable that someone as honest as I am is scolded.

“Hank too. It seems like he has forgotten about his pain after recovering. He even said he’d forgive Jessica and not get a divorce. He can choose not to get divorced now, but he better not regret it when Sonny’s last name changes to Lewis. Look at how well Liberty’s doing now. She has gotten slimmer and prettier. She dresses up like a rich woman too.

“She must have plenty of savings since she has two stores and even bought a car. She’s like a mobile bank now. It’ll be advantageous to us if she and Hank get back together.

“I brazenly said and did all of that for the sake of both our families.”

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2097

Chelsea’s husband said, “Do you think you’re the only smart one and everyone else is a fool?

“Liberty has a great life now. Why will she remarry Hank? Do you think your brother is embedded with gold or diamonds? Do you think everyone likes him and wishes to get married to him?

“Even if no one pursues Liberty, she’ll never return to Hank’s side, not to mention a person as rich as Duncan is pursuing her now. You should mind your own business to avoid offending anyone.”

Chelsea said, “I’m only wishing for Liberty and Hank to remarry because she’s earning money now. Who would want her if she were as incapable as she was in the past?”



“You’re really treating Liberty as a fool. She’d have to have something wrong with her head to remarry Hank. Isn’t it better if she ends up with Mr. Lewis? He’s a millionaire, treats her well, and cares for Sonny as if he were his own son.

“What advantages does your brother have? If he divorces Jessica, he’ll be someone who has gone through divorce twice. It’s unknown whether he’ll be able to get a wife again in the future. With that, are you guys still wishing for Liberty to come back? What great dreamers your family is.”

“Whose side are you on, George? I’m doing this for the sake of our little family. We can benefit from this. Look at Serenity. She’s Mrs. York now. If we can be related to the York family, our construction material business will become popular.

“What does a booming business mean? It represents inbound wealth. Are you going to refuse money?”

Her husband was stunned. He said, “Simply thinking about it is useless. It has to happen, but the current situation seems hopeless.”

Chelsea sighed. She looked toward her three children, who were walking ahead of them, and said, “Taking these three big eaters to a restaurant for a meal will cost us hundreds of dollars again.”

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