Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2101

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2109

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2101

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2101

After Audrey spoke, Elisa and Remy rushed in.

The butler had told them that Clive wanted them to return. Therefore, they rushed back, thinking something had happened.

“Mom, Clive, what’s wrong?” asked Elisa as she walked over.

She saw her parents and brother’s grim expressions. Her mom seemed to be holding some documents. She went to her mom’s side and sat down. Then, she took the papers from her mom’s hand and asked, “What are these, Mom?”

Remy looked toward Audrey. He was concerned too.

He sat down somewhere near Clive.

Although Elisa’s side could still fit another, he regarded that Mrs. Stone had not accepted him yet. It was only her attitude toward him that had improved slightly.

Therefore, he did not dare to be too close to Elisa when Mrs. Stone was around.

“Everything’s fine. Your brother had investigated some people of the Fisher family from Jensburg and brought the findings to me. Weren’t you at Remy’s place? How’s the renovation going?”

Audrey glanced at Remy before asking the question.

While looking through the documents, Elisa replied, “Clive told the butler to inform Remy and I to come back. I thought something had happened, so I rushed back with Remy.”

Audrey smiled. She said, “I see. I was wondering why both of you came together.”



She suddenly thought it would be nice to approve of her daughter’s relationship with Remy. Although Remy was from Annenburg, he had properties in Wiltspoon. More importantly, his villa that was under renovation was adjacent to theirs.

For example, they could return within five minutes after informing them that something happened within the family.

If Elisa and Remy were to get married and live together, Elisa could even return to the Stones’ residence multiple times a day.

“The renovation is yet to finish. I’m not in a rush either. They can take it slow as long as the quality’s great,” Remy answered Audrey’s question regarding the renovation.

It was his and Elisa’s future home. It had to be the best. He would discuss every detail, design, and material with her. He would also ask for her opinion on where they could plant trees and flowers in the garden.

Anyway, everything was arranged according to Elisa’s liking.

It was a home he built for her.

He wanted her to like it and live in it comfortably in the future.

Audrey hummed and said, “Renovations are troublesome. Since you’re changing the interior, exterior, and even the garden’s landscape, it takes a longer time.”

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2101

She had not visited the site.

However, she took a peek from the top floor of her house and saw the arrangements of the garden.

She knew that besides the trees that had been in the garden initially, everything else was changed.



“These are all personal information, Clive. They never mentioned Mom being a part of the Fisher family or the cause of death of our grandparents and the rest.”

After reading the findings about the influential people in the Fisher family, Elisa lifted her head and looked at her brother with confusion.

She thought he had managed to discover their grandparents’ cause of death and could prove that their mom was the eldest daughter of the previous matriarch.

Clive said, “I just looked into their information. The older generation only verbally spoke of our grandparents’ cause of death. No one had evidence. Everyone is just suspecting and guessing.

“The incident had occurred tens of years ago. There’s not much hope in uncovering our grandparents’ cause of death, unless there are insiders who have evidence. Otherwise, we have no choice but to treat our grandparents’ cause of death as a rumor and be unable to do anything to the current matriarch.

“Finding out whether Mom is a member of the Fishers is easy. She just has to go to Jensburg and conduct a DNA test with the current matriarch. That way, we can confirm whether Mom belongs to the Fisher family.”

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