Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2119

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2119

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2119

When Hayden approached, Caroline stood up and greeted her with a smile, saying, “Mr. Queen.”

Hayden smiled unusually and asked, “When did you arrive, Ms. Fisher? You should have given me a call beforehand so I could meet you at the main gate.”

Blushing slightly and looking a little embarrassed, Caroline replied, “I don’t work on weekends, and I was bored at home. I don’t have many friends either. It’s just that you treat me a bit better, so I took the liberty to come and chat with you, Mr. Queen.”

She no longer had any illusions about Hayden, but he did indeed treat her with a certain gentleness. Hayden was cold and distant toward other young women, but he showed her a warm side.

Hayden was still smiling at her, even now.

Caroline found his smile particularly attractive.

Even though he rarely smiled.

She figured it was because he had so many admirers.

Everyone wanted to melt his icy cold demeanor and become the one and only in his heart among all his admirers.

If he smiled like a gentle breeze all the time, he would be even more charming, and he would probably captivate even more women who would fall under his spell.

Although Caroline had only been recognized as a member of the Fisher family for about a year, she had some clear understanding of Hayden.



Hayden never played with the affections of others, nor owed any romantic debts. Despite having numerous admirers, she always rejected their advances.

Hayden did not give anyone hope.

Sometimes, Caroline wondered about the standards Hayden had for choosing a partner. For such an outstanding man, what was he looking for?

It was not until Kevin openly confessed his love for Hayden, publicly pursuing him and creating various sensational scenes of courtship that drew attention, that Caroline noticed something strange. Hayden did not respond, but he did not drive Kevin away either.

It was a bit peculiar.

Could it be that Hayden was truly homosexual?

Caroline felt that the circumstances were very unfortunate.

“If you were to feel bored in the future, you could come to see me, Ms. Fisher. I’m usually home on Mondays.”

Caroline looked at Kevin, who casually sat beside Hugh as if nothing had happened. He conveniently placed the bouquet on the coffee table and proceeded to pat Hugh. Hugh turned his gaze toward Kevin, but Kevin remained silent.

“Mr. Queen, am I disturbing you and Mr. York?”

“Of course you are.”

It was Kevin who replied. He glanced at Caroline and said with a smirk, “Ms. Fisher, I believe you’re aware of the fact that I’m pursuing Mr. Queen. If you come here every weekend, not only will you


Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2119

disturb the two of us, but you will also be a troublesome third wheel.”

Hayden was at a loss for words.

Caroline replied with a smile, “I also think that it is unfitting for me to always come here. However, I do not agree that I am being a third wheel. Everyone in Wiltspoon and Jensburg is aware of the fact that you’re pursuing Mr. Queen.

“However, have you succeeded in pursuing him? If you haven’t made your relationship official, Mr. Queen is still considered a bachelor. So technically, I cannot be labeled a third wheel to someone who is not currently dating.”

“It is as you said, Ms. Fisher. I might have misspoken, I apologize.”

Kevin immediately apologized without arguing with Caroline. After locking eyes with Kevin for a moment, Caroline averted her gaze.

Every time she met Kevin, Kevin would look at her a lot. Sometimes, he even looked at her for long periods without averting his gaze. His attitude toward her was always pleasant as well.

Initially, Caroline could not guess what Kevin’s thoughts were.

There was no way Kevin was interested in her romantically. Kevin’s gaze toward Caroline did not even have a hint of affection. On the other hand, his eyes exhibited warmth and passion when looking at Mr. Queen.

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