Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 11

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Free Online Novel

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 11

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 11

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Dahlia was so immersed in the matter of Stella’s pregnancy she did not notice her daughter’s peculiar expression. She frowned and said, “How could a medical examination show if you have a deficiency in your vital energy and blood, or dampness in your uterus? If you don’t get these treated, keeping the baby will be hard even if you get pregnant.” Stella stopped talking. Dahlia thought she got through Stella. She continued, “Recently, Chandler’s son has been getting really close with the mayor’s daughter. If they get married and pregnant ahead of you, then things will get difficult for Keegan in the company in the future. After all, Cordelia prioritizes the eldest child and grandchild a lot.” ‘That’s none of my damn business?! I’m about to get a divorce. Do I care if Keegan is having a hard time? Besides, Keegan doesn’t look worried. He doesn’t even want a child. Oh, right. He doesn’t want a child with me,’ she thought. “Your mother’s been in a coma for years, and she showed no signs of regaining consciousness. Meanwhile, your father’s barely fifty. Since he’s so young, he might remarry. When that happens, could you still return to the Jewell family? Your child is yours and will be someone you depend on in the future. Stella, you need to plan for yourself.” Obviously, Stella was not naive enough to think that Dahlia was doing this for her sake. Everyone in the Kane family had their own plans. To them, Stella was merely a chess piece. “I understand.” Stella lowered her gaze, just like before. She looked obedient and had an air of wimpiness and feebleness. Dahlia did not say anything more and merely urged her to finish the medicine. Seeing how she could not avoid it, Stella had no choice but to pick up the bowl and down the medicine in one go. ‘Putting on this show is not worthwhile! We’ll definitely have to split the assets by 40-60!’ she thought. Soon after Stella finished the medicine, Keegan walked in. Since Dahlia had accomplished what she came here for, they had no reason to continue their meal. She stood up and said, “I’ve got a card game with Mrs. Wood in the afternoon, and it’s almost time. You can all continue eating.” Aurora quickly stood up. “I’m going shopping with a friend today. Mom, could you send me?” The two walked Aurora and Dahlia to the door. Before leaving, Dahlia reminded Stella again, “Stella, don’t forget to take it with you. Also, remember what I said.” Stella nodded. After sending them away, Keegan turned to Stella, “What did my mother tell



you?” “Nothing much.” Stella felt the medicine churning in her stomach. She could no longer hold back the sick feeling in her stomach. Right after she finished speaking, she became pale and started gagging. Keegan frowned and grabbed her wrist. Then, he pulled her to the washroom. In the washroom, Stella threw up most of the medicine she just downed. She finally felt better after throwing up. When she got up to wash her hands, she saw Keegan in the mirror. He was standing behind her with a thoughtful expression. Stella felt irritated when she thought of how she was in this embarrassing situation because of him. She smiled sarcastically, “Mr. Kane, do you have a fetish for watching people use the washroom?” Keegan looked up and glanced at her. Then, he said coolly, “Not that I do, but I could cooperate if you need me to. After all, it’s not the first time.” Stella was speechless. She could not help but think of Valentine’s Day last year. She got so wasted that she forced Keegan to go to the washroom with her. In the end, she even made him pull up her pants for her. I’ve only done a handful of embarrassing things in my life, yet he remembers this incident so well. What breed of dog is he?!’ she thought. Seeing how she did not move for a while, Keegan continued with an unchanged expression, “Shall I take it off for you?” Stella glanced at him. “Mr. Kane, we don’t seem to be in a relationship that allows us to say such suggestive things.” Keegan smiled and abruptly moved closer. Stella took a step back out of reflex. However, she had nowhere to go. The back of her waist was now pressed against the sink. Stella was trapped between Keegan and the sink. She was engulfed in his dominant and overbearing scent. “What are you doing?” she pushed his chest to prevent him from getting closer. Keegan’s gaze stopped at her lips for a moment before finally meeting her eyes. “Weren’t you the one who started it? You addressed me so suggestively and even fed me food. Weren’t you trying to seduce me?” he said in a low and husky voice. Stella was bewildered. ‘Fuck’s sake! Who gave him such confidence?!’ she thought. “Mr. Kane, I think you’ve mistaken something…” Stella widened her eyes. Then, she felt something dry and soft on her lips—Keegan kissed her. This was Keegan’s first time kissing her on his own. In the past, Stella had always been the one to initiate a kiss, and Keegan would only cooperate when he got impatient with her teasing. ‘When it comes to me, he never seems to have the desire to kiss me or dominate me. But, he does when it comes to Bella. He even called out her name when he had a fever and was unconscious,’ thought



Stella. At this thought, his touch on her immediately became unbearable. Just as Keegan stuck his tongue in, she bit down violently. Even though Keegan managed to avoid it, he still got bit on the lip. Keegan tasted something metallic in his mouth. He frowned and let go of her. “Are you a dog?” Stella gritted her teeth. ‘If I was a dog, he’d be the first person I bite!’ she thought. Keegan wanted to say something. However, his phone rang. When he grabbed his phone and glanced at it, he frowned. He turned to Stella and said, “Wait for me in the car.” Then, he went outside with his phone. Stella saw the caller ID—Baby. She emotionlessly pulled out a tissue and wiped the blood on the corner of her lips. Stella wanted to grow a backbone and hail a cab herself. However, she was hit by the frigid cold the moment she walked out. When they first arrived, the weather was sunny. But now, the sun was almost completely hidden, and there were strong gusts of wind. Since Stella was lightly dressed, walking outside for a bit was enough to turn her hands and feet cold. The restaurant Aurora chose was in a newly developed area, so it was difficult to hail a cab. Stella only hesitated for a few seconds before getting into the car on her own accord. After about ten minutes, Keegan also entered the car. The medicine Dahlia gave Stella may have some side effects. Stella felt drowsy after she threw up, so she groggily closed her eyes soon after they started the car. Just as Stella was about to fall asleep, something heavy was suddenly thrown into her arms. She immediately jolted awake. Stella was furious and wanted to ask Keegan if he was not right in the head. However, she was stunned when she saw the box on her lap. She reached out and opened it. Within the box was a Hermès crocodile leather bag—the Birkin bag. ‘If I recall correctly, this retails for three million dollars. However, since stocks are very limited, it probably costs more than four million dollars to actually purchase one. What’s Keegan doing?’ Stella wondered. She turned to him in confusion. “What is the meaning of this?” Keegan glanced at her in annoyance. “It’s a gift from a client. It’s not like I can use it.” Aldor was baffled.

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