Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 36

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Free Online Novel

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 36

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 36

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Stella raised Keegan’s chin with her finger Her thumb inched downwards from his lips and brushed across his Adam’s apple She gave him a tipsy smile and moved closer to him. With only Inches from his lips, she spoke in a low voice, “If you’re handsome, then I’m single.”

Her warm, intoxicated breath was laced with an eerie trace of allure.

Stella caressed Keegan’s chest with her slender fingers. Her half–closed eyes were sultry and enticing. “I’ll give you three thousand dollars. Would you be my boyfriend?”

Keegan’s expression darkened, and his daunting eyes sharpened into an intense gaze.

Stella creased her pretty eyebrows and replied, “Three thousand dollars is not bad compared to the current market price.”

“Current market price?” Keegan sneered. “You seem to know a lot about this.”

Stella hesitated and finally decided to give in. “Fine! Your good looks deserve a higher price. I will throw in another five hundred dollars for you. That’s three thousand and five hundred dollars. I can’t go any higher!”

Keegan was tempted to shove her head into the fish tank beside him just to sober her up.

If I wasn’t here tonight, would she have slept with a random guy?”

Just the thought of that made him angrier.

Stella was completely unaware of the menacing situation she was in. She whipped out a bank card from her purse, unbuttoned the collar of Keegan’s shirt, and dropped the card inside his shirt. She



caressed his chest like a seductress and grinned. “You better keep your word.”

Keegan took a deep breath and got a hold of the back of Stella’s neck. He started to guide her out of the


Seeing this, the bartender quickly called out to Keegan. “Mr. Tard! Your wife hasn’t paid her bill.”

Keegan stopped dead in his tracks and glared at Stella, the drunken culprit who was responsible for the bill. He held onto Stella with one hand and pulled out his wallet with another. Keegan tossed the wallet to the bartender and said, “Use the gold card. No password required.”

Keegan looked so impatient that the bartender did not dare to say anything else. The bartender quickly settled the bill, put the card back into the wallet, and returned it to Keegan with both hands.

“Take care, Mr. Tard. please come again soon!”

Keegan glanced at the bartender. “Who told you my surname was Tard?”

The bartender froze, and his mind flashed back to what had happened earlier.

When Stella was getting drunk at the bar, a lot of male customers were attracted by her good looks and approached to flirt with her. The bartender was worried about her safety, so he wanted to contact Stella’s family to pick her up.

However, Stella’s phone was dead, so he had no choice but to ask her for a number. But, Stella was so woozy that she only managed to spit out a number after ages of asking.

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“Is this your family member’s number?” The bartender inquired.

Stella nodded. “It’s my husband’s number.”



“How may I address your husband?”

“My husband… Heh, my husband’s name is Bas…Tard!”

The bartender gulped and replied to Keegan with a straight face, “This lady here said so herself.”

Keegan studied the bartender for a few seconds and proceeded to drag Stella away.

Just as the bartender wanted to open the door for him, Keegan bent over to pick up Stella, swung the door open, and disappeared into the rain with an umbrella in his hand.

Keegan finally got her in the car, but he was drenched thoroughly by the rain in the process.

By the time he got into the driver’s seat, Stella’s head was leaning against the car window, and her eyes were shut as if she was asleep.

Keegan turned toward her and reached across her chest in an attempt to fasten her seatbelt. But, before he managed to buckle her seatbelt, she hooked her arm around his neck.

He looked up to see Stella, and her eyes were half opened. She smiled at him and whispered, “Where are we sleeping tonight?”

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