Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 49

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Free Online Novel

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 49

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 49

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“You can’t make accusations like that, Mrs. Wood,” said Mrs. Chapman.

She intended to remind Mrs. Wood that Stella was still Dahlia’s daughter–in–law, no matter what. While it was usually acceptable for them to banter around, going overboard was a little inappropriate.

However, Mrs. Wood thought that Mrs. Chapman did not believe her.

“I’m not making accusations. Back then, one of my nephews worked at the Department of Transportation and took part in this accident’s investigation He said the car was badly damaged, and the two supposedly shouldn’t be alive. After they were rescued, it turned out only her mother was badly injured while she only had some cuts.”

She continued, “She doesn’t die easily. Women like her can easily cause the death of the people around her. They kill their husband, their sons.

“Mrs. Wood!” Mrs. Chapman kicked Mrs. Wood under the table when she saw Dahlia’s expression.

Mrs. Wood finally realized that she had inadvertently spoken ill of Dahlia.

Since Dahlia had lost her husband at a young age, bringing up how some women caused the death of their husbands and sons insinuated that Dahlia caused her husband’s death.

Mrs. Wood panicked, and she quickly explained, “Th–That’s not what I meant…”

Dahlia lifted her gaze coolly. “Then, what did you mean?”

Mrs. Wood’s hand froze. She stumbled over her words and could not answer.



Then, Mrs. White smiled and said, “Don’t be angry, Dahlia. Mrs. Wood didn’t mean what she said. You know how that brain of hers is.”

Dahlia took a sip of tea and cynically said, “You’re so naive even at this age. Mr. Wood is a fortunate man.

It was not a compliment.

Even if Mrs. Wood was stupid, she could detect Dahlia’s sardonicism. Her face turned red in anger, but she did not dare to retort Dahlia.

‘Dahlia initially planned to invite Mrs. White only. The two of us were invited to keep them company. But, I ended up publicly humiliating her. I’m lucky she didn’t publicly have a fallout with me,‘ she thought.

Stella stood at the corner of the corridor and listened to their conversation while nibbling on cherries.

‘Turns out women of high society are gossipy too. They went to such lengths to discuss my insignificant little matter; I’m flattered. I’ll lead to my husband and son’s death? If that’s true, I better lead to Keegan’s erectile dysfunction! We’ll see what woman will dare to take him in!‘ she thought.

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Keegan was absent–mindedly looking through the documents at the Vinci Rivera Group.

‘I suspect the boss didn’t pay much attention to my report just now. In the past, he rarely spaces out during work. He was so strict with work efficiency that he utilized his time to the very second. He’s like a machine with precise calculations. He would clearly organize. If one asked the people around Mr. Kane what came first to him, everyone would unanimously think that it was work,‘ Aldor thought.

‘But, he’s been zoning out recently. It makes me feel like this workaholic machine has developed a bug, and this bug is very likely caused by his wife,‘ he thought again.



Aldor contemplated for a while and said, “Mr. Kane, Mrs. Kane went to your mother’s place today.”

Keegan glanced at him and did not respond.

Aldor continued, “Your mother invited a few of her friends over today. Mrs. Kane also went to keep them company.”

“What kind of company can she give? Her words alone can make someone choke to death. Does my mother find those ladies too chatty, so she asked her over to make things awkward?”

‘Mrs. Kane only speaks aggressively in front of you. When she’s facing outsiders, she’s very polite and refined. But, if I said this to the boss, he’ll get angry. An outstanding assistant must know how to read the room,‘ he thought.

“Those ladies have the reputation within the circle for being crafty. Mrs. Kane is young and naive, so she might be at a disadvantage.”

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