Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 54

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Free Online Novel

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 54

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 54

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Dahlia did not look happy. She icily said, “Everyone came here to play some games and have a good time. What were you doing?”

Keegan looked up and said, “Mom, Mrs. Chapman’s husband got promoted a few months ago. It’d be hard. to explain things if people discovered such a large sum of money.”

Dahlia was at a loss for words.

“But, you shouldn’t have spoken that bluntly either”

Keegan said, “I’ll be more tactful next time.”

Dahlia was left speechless again. In the end, she glanced icily at Stella. She did not want to speak to them, so she went right upstairs.

Keegan stood up and took a few steps. When he saw Stella remain unmoved, he said coolly, “You want to stay here for dinner?”

‘Of course not!‘ she thought.

Stella packed her things and followed Keegan out.

Aldor had been waiting outside since long ago. After they got in, he started the car.

‘One shouldn’t be greedy and steal from others. If it wasn’t for Keegan’s advice just now, I wouldn’t have gotten back the money I lost, thought Stella.

Since Stella had been preparing for the divorce, things were a bit tight for her. She would lose sleep for a couple of days if she lost the several thousand dollars.



Since she had gotten her money back, Keegan did not seem as much of an eyesore.

‘Keegan’s actually very protective and has principles. We don’t necessarily have to be on bad terms after we get divorced. Since the Kane family is so influential in Rivera, we might cross paths again in the future. It’ll be good to have a rich and influential friend,‘ she thought again.

At that thought, Stella found him even less of an eyesore.

After deducting her capital, she had won a total of 160 thousand dollars. She generously transferred eighty thousand dollars to Keegan.

Beside her, Keegan’s phone buzzed, and he glanced at his phone

[You have received $80,000 in your bank account. Transferor Stella Jewell]

He turned to the woman beside him.

Stella cleared her throat and said, “I’m not a selfish person, so we’ll split the money fifty–fifty.”

“There’s no need for that,” Keegan said coolly

He continued, “Accompany me to an event tomorrow, then the money’s all yours”

Stella rejected him without a second thought. “You might as well take the money

We’re about to get divorced I must be crazy if I attend a stupid event with him. Every time I attended these events, those so–called socialites would judge and talk about me behind my back. These people are counting down to the day I get dumped by Keegan Why should I go and create problems for myself? she




Keegan did not seem surprised by her rejection. He snorted quietly, ‘It’s alright if you don’t go, but you’ll have to split the 460 thousand dollars too. 50/50”

Stella glared at him “That’s my capital.”

Keegan glanced at her “You didn’t have any capital when I arrived.”

Stella had lost all of her capithi before Keegan’s arrival and only recovered the money after he came.

Stella was at a loss for words. A while later, she finally spoke, “You said you’ll pay if I lose, but the money’s mine if I win.

Keegan nodded and said, “I said that to my wife. But, you don’t want to be a wife anymore, right? I was just playing my part. Why are you taking it so seriously?”

Once again, Stella was speechless.

Tve changed my mind. Earlier, I thought that Keegan wasn’t a bad person and that we could be friends. after our divorce. But, he’s a goddamn bastard. All he thinks about is schemeful tricks! If I split my capital, I’ll have to pay Keegan over 100 thousand dollars out of my own pocket. she thought.

Stella pursed her lips. Then, she compromised reluctantly and said, “I’ll attend the event, then.”

If I look at this from a different perspective, I gained 160 thousand dollars from attending an event. I’m not at a loss she thought again.

“When will you send me the money?”

Keegan looked at her disdainfully. “Is that all you think about? You’re always talking about money!”

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“How could you say that, Mr. Kane? Who doesn’t like money? If you don’t like how philistine–like I’m acting, split half of your fortune with me. I’ll play the role of whichever type of wife you like.”

Keegan said stoically, “Dream on.”

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