Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 55

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Free Online Novel

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 55

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 55

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Stella clicked her tongue.

‘Cheapskate. And yet, he said money is all I think about,‘ she thought.

Just then, Stella’s phone rang. Seeing that it was a call from Felicity, Stella answered her phone.

Felicity’s choked voice sounded from the other end of the line. “Where are you, Stella. Hurry to the police station. They’re saying I’m involved in theft…”

Stella went pale and immediately started to panic.

“Don’t panic. I’ll be right over. Which police station are you at?”

Felicity told her the location.

After Stella hung up, she swallowed her pride and asked Keegan, “Mr. Kane, could you send me to the police station at Northville? My friend ran into some issues.”

Stella initially thought that she would need to convince him for a bit, so she did not expect him to not say a word. Instead, he gestured at Aldor to drive to the Northville police station.

On the way there, Stella was worried–sick. She was worried that Felicity had gotten into huge trouble. The moment the car pulled over, Stella dashed into the police station without even speaking to Keegan. After Stella got herself registered, she saw Felicity in the interrogation room through the glass. Felicity’s eyes were swollen from crying.

“Even though Felicity usually seems wild, her social circle is very simple. She’s never been handcuffed and interrogated by the cops, so she must be scared out of her wits,‘ she thought.



Stella felt really bad for her. She held back her emotions and asked the cop, “Mister, what crime did my friend commit?”

The cop looked her up and down. “What’s your relationship with the suspect?”

“I’m her friend.”

Then, Stella handed the cop her ID.

The cop registered her ID and said, “Someone reported her for theft. We found the victim’s stolen item in the suspect’s house.”

Stella immediately retorted, “That’s impossible. I stay with her, and I’ve never seen anything that doesn’t belong to her appear around her Did you guys make a mistake?”

The cop paused. “You two stay together? How long have you two been staying together?”


“For over a week now”

The cop’s gaze at her immediately changed “The victim lost their item a week ago Since you two stay together, you may also be a suspect. Maybe you two worked together

Stel was speechless

Was this cop outsourced? He’s too unprofessional Hesn’t conducting interigations or evidence inspection. He’s handling the case using guesses and making false accusations, she thought

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“Stolen good? We have it,” the cop took out an evidence bag and dangled it in front of her

He continued, “This is the stolen good. She said it didn’t belong to her, but we found it at her place. If she didn’t steal it, who did?”

Stella was at a loss for words the moment saw the “stolen good.”

The so–called stolen good is clearly my wedding ring! Now I know which bastard called the cops!” she thought

Stella took a deep breath and suppressed her anger. “This thing belongs to me.”

The cop did not believe her.

“How can you prove it?”

She opened the photo gallery on her phone and found a few photos of her wearing the ring.

“You’re skilled. You prepared evidence beforehand,” said the cop.

Once again, Stella was speechless.

“Mister, take a good look. I took this photo a year ago. Can’t this prove that it’s mine?”

The cop looked at the timestamp and thought that his earlier verdict was too reckless. Then, he said. You need to have the proof of purchase to prove that it belongs to you. The victim provided a receipt.”

The cop was implicitly asking Stella where her receipt was.

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But, how would I have a receipt? Keegan bought the ring. So, of course, that bastard would have the receipt! she thought.

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