Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 65

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Free Online Novel

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 65

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 65

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Marshall said, “Based on the current evidence, for reputation dispute, we’ll definitely win the lawsuit. For defamation, I’ll still need to collect more evidence.”

“Isn’t it easier to win a defamation lawsuit?”

“No. It’s stricter to sue someone for defamation. I’ll have to work more on the evidence. Only then can I win the case the first time.”

Stella was curious. “What more do you have to do?”

Marshall smiled. “This is the job of a lawyer. What you need to consider is what kind of punishment you want them to get. Do you want them to just compensate you and apologize to you? Or, do you want to send a message and deal with the root cause?”

Stella was silent.

She was troubled by these malicious comments and intentional shaming for nearly a year. At the height of the problem, even her phone number was leaked. Those people directly called her or sent her messages to abuse her.

During that period of time, she did not even dare to log into Facebook. She knew clearly that there were still many fans who liked and supported her. But, she could not ignore the mean comments whenever she saw them. Those vicious curses and insults ran wild in her mind endlessly in the dead of night. Once someone was trapped in that kind of whirlpool, he or she would instinctively doubt themselves.

She was considered lucky. Felicity noticed it in time when she was depressed at that time. She brought her to psychological counseling several times. Only then she slowly got better.



People who were cyberbullied might go through ordeals. But, those who cyberbullied just wantonly typed on a keyboard across the screen. They even acted like good people or vigilantes in real life and lived comfortably.

The Internet was not a lawless place. Why should people who hurt someone be kept out of it after that?

But, the phrase “get a permanent criminal record” caught her attention. She subconsciously weighed the seriousness of the consequences in her heart.

Marshall could tell that she was hesitating. He pondered before he said, “I experienced an incident overseas.”

Stella looked at him.

Marshall slowly said, “A college girl in her early twenties was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at a young age. She was from a well–off family, and her parents were highly educated. They loved her very much. And, she was very outstanding too. Before she was diagnosed with cancer, she was just offered a graduate program at Northride University.

“The unexpected illness disrupted this family’s life. Her parents slowed down their work to focus on accompanying her in fighting against her cancer. Because of the whole family’s efforts, together with the positive attitude of the girl, she gradually returned to her normal life after the lesions were removed. But in less than two years, the cancer spread again. And, this time was more serious than the last time. The doctor gave them the notice regarding her critical condition twice And, he claimed that she only had a year left at best

“The girls relatives and friends were very sad After she went through a short period of depression, she decided to record the final year of her life and share it on social media platforms. That way could



mark the wonderful things in this world. And, she also wanted to encourage people who were being consumed by pain.

“She started learning how to shoot videos and edit them to share her daily life. She even joined a ha marathon race. She learned skiing and horse riding too, She did everything that she wanted to do the most in the final year of her life. The video had around ten million views just a week after it was posted Everyone blessed this optimistic young girl who was fighting against cancer But, at the same time, there were doubts too.

“Who could run in a half marathon if the person has carcer?

“She looks so well. She doesn’t look like someone who has cancer”

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