My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 10

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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 10

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 10

Sophia was secretly shocked to hear that. Michael is coming back? It seemed to finally hit her that she had a husband. Only half a day after their marriage, he had disappeared without a trace.

If it weren’t for his big mansion and his picture in the master bedroom, Sophia would have forgotten that she had gotten married. He had not been around for almost a year, so she could hardly remember his looks. She merely remembered that he was quite good-looking, and that his figure was quite good.

Just as Sophia was about to speak to Hale, she saw two Land Rovers following her furtively through her rearview mirror. In fact, there weren’t just two of them. A minimum of four cars were following behind her at equal speed. Something’s fishy!

Sophia immediately told Hale, “Hale, I’m at Derenham Road right now, and there are a few cars following behind me furtively. One of the car plates is xxxxxx. Can you help me find out who they are?”

Hale realized that something was up. “Don’t hang up. I’ll be there soon.” He immediately checked the car plate that Sophia told him just now. In no time, he found out that it was a car plate that was not used anymore. It’s a fake plate!

Hale finally realized the magnitude of this realization. Before the court case is settled, the Harpers are planning to start attacking us first? When he spoke to Sophia again, he did not hear any reply. Instead, he could only hear the wind blowing and Sophia’s pants.

Hale immediately drove from Villa No. 8 at The Imperial, but the maid, Maria, asked, “Hale, where are you going? The boss is on his way back.”

Hale stepped on the accelerator after replying, “Madam is in a pickle. I’ll explain to him after he’s back.”

At this moment, Sophia was being sandwiched between the four cars. As there was heavy traffic just now, they did not have any chances of attacking her. Now that the number of vehicles on the road had



lessened, they striked immediately. First, they started with one of the cars speeding up and blocking her way in front. Then, two remaining cars were at her flanks, with another car behind her, blocking all escape routes. The two cars at her flanks slowly inched close to her. As soon as one of them slightly steered their steering wheel, both her and her Yamaha bike would be crushed immediately.

However, right before the cars could get into their formation, there was an opening between the car on her left and the one in front of her. Taking advantage of that, Sophia immediately sped up and escaped the besiege. With the speed of 100 miles per hour, the entire bike had reached its speed limit. One of the advantages of a bike was that it was nimble. Once she had escaped, it would be difficult to trap her again.

Sophia then drove into the heavy traffic in front of her, sneaking into empty spaces between cars, like an eel. However, the people in the four cars were dangerous people who had taken a hefty amount of money for this mission. All of them had killed at least ten people in their lives. Undeterred by their failure, they immediately took off to chase her amidst the heavy traffic. Along the way, there were loud bangs of collision and curses by the other drivers.

Sophia eyed her rearview mirror from time to time. The four cars behind her were still chasing after her, as if their lives depended on it. It seemed that they would not stop unless she was dead.

Vrooom! The Yamaha bike roared as it sped forward like a gust of wind, continuing to travel between cars.

She saw that in front of her was a Lincoln Limousine with the car plate, XXX88888. The people who were in the car were definitely rich or powerful. It was obvious that they weren’t easy to deal with. Looking at the four Range Rovers behind her, an idea bubbled up in Sophia’s mind as she followed closely behind the limousine.


The Lincoln Limousine’s well-polished body clearly reflected her looks right now like a mirror. Her long, wavy hair was flowing behind her. The formal shirt that she was wearing was now tied in a knot around her waist, revealing her slender waist. She laid her body close to her bike as she focused on the road ahead, looking like a crouching leopard who was about to pounce. She closely followed the Lincoln Limousine for a long stretch of road, so the people in the car had noticed her through the windows.

“Look, there’s a hot girl outside!”

There were three men in the limousine, who were drinking and chatting. One of them, who had blond hair, wore a gangster-like leather jacket with studs in his ears. He put down his wine glass and rolled down the windows enthusiastically while he kept his eyes on Sophia, who was not far from the window. The woman wearing sunglasses resembled a leopard that was waiting to pounce. He whistled at her eagerly. “Phew-it!”

Sophia heard the frivolous whistle amidst the rumbling engines, so she glared at him. However, her sunglasses hid her cold glare.

The blond man seemed to have gotten more excited as he whistled again and again, but Sophia did not look at him anymore. Through the rearview mirror, she saw that the four Range Rovers were not far from her. As she was sticking close to the Lincoln Limousine, they seemed to be wary of it, so they did not dare to rush forward.

Another head popped out from the limousine as Michael Fletcher looked outside. “Where’s the hot girl? Let me have a look too!” However, a huge hand slapped on his cheeks.

“Go away, you married old man! Leave my hot girl alone!” The blond man slapped Michael away and continued to eye Sophia interestedly. He almost stuck his head out of the window to greet her.

A hand that was bigger than his reached out to press forcefully on the blondie’s handsome face, which was so good looking that the rest would feel frustrated. It was as if he wanted to press the blond man



into the cushion behind him.

“I still want to take a look!” Michael reached out his head to have a look, but unfortunately, he only saw the back of her head, which exuded a wild vibe.

Sophia suddenly sped up and drove in front of the Lincoln Limousine. The blondie was elated to see this. “She wants us to stop! Gary, stop the car now!”

After glancing at the rearview mirror, the driver, Gary, felt that something was wrong. Indeed, with a shake, one of the Range Rovers bumped hard into the Lincoln Limousine.

The three men in the car stumbled after receiving the impact. Michael steadied himself and realized that something was wrong. Then, he spoke to the exasperated Gary, who replied, “We seemed to have been implicated.”

The Yamaha bike was receiving attacks from the Range Rover, but it was avoiding the blows nimbly. As she was close to them, the Lincoln Limousine could not be exempted from the blows. The girl on the Yamaha bike seemed to have realized that the people in the Lincoln Limousine were powerful, so the Range Rovers did not dare to offend them. Hence, she dared to get close to the limousine.

Michael’s interest was suddenly ignited. “Knock into them!”

This car was specially strengthened. Forget a few average Range Rovers; it could even fight against an army tank. Gary steered as soon as he stepped on the accelerator. The limousine knocked into a Range Rover in front of them. Just with a bump, they had made themselves clear on their stand. The effect was instantaneous as the Range Rover dived into the railings on the side of the road, unable to catch up to them again.



Michael jumped to the co-driver seat and buckled his seatbelt. The Yamaha bike was still in front of them, being flanked by two cars, while the third Range Rover had plans to overtake the Lincoln Limousine to block the Yamaha bike from escaping. When the Range Rover almost drove past the limousine, Michael ordered decisively, “Run into them!”

With a loud bang, the Lincoln Limousine knocked mercilessly into the Range Rover, making one of its tyres burst. The Range Rover lost control and crashed into a streetlight nearby.

“Good one!” The blond guy clapped excitedly. “Gary, get lost. Let me save the damsel in distress!”

Michael slapped his b*tchy face and took part in steering to knock into the rest. Daniel Levine, who had not spoken a word until now, turned pale as he quickly fumbled around to buckle his seatbelt. “You guys are crazy!”

The blond man, however, was beyond excited. “This is exhilarating! Do it again! The last time I had this much fun was when I was shooting a racing scene in South Africa. But even then, I was filming—it’s nowhere as exciting as now!”

Michael’s interest in the girl on the Yamaha bike in front of them was growing. He wanted to have a glimpse of her when she turned around. Even though he was already married, he could still join in the fun as a bystander.

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