My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 369

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 369

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 369. He did not know that it was so easy to earn her gratitude. A smile gradually spread across his face.

Jack scratched his chin and felt a little strange, as this was the first time that Nicole was so gent to him, and it felt good.

Wayne, who had just gone out to the toilet, had now returned and was confused by the strange atmosphere in the classroom.

He wondered why Gary stood there and smiled like an idiot. Of course, he did not dare say that.

Wayne looked at Jack, who looked no less silly, and gently nudged him with his arm. “What just happened?” He wondered why the two of them became motionless, like sculptures. Jack hissed as his ribs were sensitive. Wayne’s nudge almost undid what he had done. Looking at the culprit in front of him, he said tardily, “Nothing. Our icy queen has just thanked me.”

Wayne had no words when he heard Jack describe what happened. But he quickly reacted to who he was talking about, and his eyes widened in disbelief. “What did you say?” He exclaimed so loud that everyone in the class looked at him. Wayne felt embarrassed and lowered his volume. “Why would Nicole want to thank you?”

Jack looked at the dumpy guy with an evil face. “Not only me. Nicole has also thanked Gary.” “What? I thought Gary and Nicole didn’t see eye to eye? Why did Nicole thank him? What the hell happened? I was just going to the toilet for a while; and now it seems that I’ve missed a lot.’

Wayne turned to Gary, wanting to ask him. But Gary had walked back to his place to pack up his things, with a hint of delight on his face.

“Gary, what did you do to Nicole that she thanked you?” Wayne asked cautiously. Gary looked at him and raised an eyebrow nonchalantly. “I’ve just spoken up for her grandmother.” He did not expect it to have such a huge effect.

Wayne was even more puzzled when he learned that Nicole’s grandmother had come to his school. But when he saw the impatient look on Gary’s face, he stopped asking.

Gary was brisk in his action as he casually flung the school bag onto his shoulder. The bag looked empty, as if it contained only a piece of clothing. He then strode out of the classroom.

Seeing Gary leave, the boy who had first discovered the patch on the clothes of Nicole’s grandmother rushed to the boy, whom Gary had fixed, and comforted him. “Are you okay?”

The two of them seemed to be best friends, but in fact, the first boy did not regard the second one as his good friend at all, but just a pawn. When he hinted at the second boy of his disdain for Nicole’s grandmother just now, the second boy had quickly echoed his viewpoint. The two of them were the best partners. The second boy heard him asking with concern and shook his head gently, signaling that he

was all right

Seeing that his companion had returned to fortial, he breathed a sighof relief. He was really worried that this obedient follower of his would leave him just now, but seeing that he was okay just like last time, he was relieved He put his hand around the second boy’s shoulders as a show of affinity

“That old lady is a beggar through and through. I wonder of Gary has smoked some weed or something; he even spoke up for a broke, lowly person”

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