My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 370

Chapter 370 He thought he could hear the boy echo what he said, not expecting that the boy smacked off his hand, and then glared at him

“Don’t let me hear you say bad things about Nicole’s grandma again’” After saying that, the boy sat back in his seat and ignored him.

Jack was in the back, looking at what happened and raising his eyebrow with amusement. But he quickly tumed his gaze to fune, who was talking to Bradley about something There was a hint of interest in his eyes He found that June’s thought was unexpectedly matching with his He walked casually up to June and Bradley, and gently tapped the table in front of thein “Hey. do you want to have lunch together after class?” He was knocking on Bradley’s table, but his eyes were on June.

Wayne looked at Jack and was stunned He had not seen fack invite a girl to lunch before this

June looked at Jack in front of her and smiled politely, “Thank you, but no.”

Wayne was wide-eyed, as he could not believe that she rejected rack

But Jack was not angry, and he had no expectations but just thought the girl was not bad, and he wanted to befriend her since she had rejected his invitation, he was not going to pursue any further

He looked back at Wayne, inviting him to lunch together Wayne obliged, and lack went back to his seat. As he walked past June, he could not help and take a few glances at her June let him be, and she ever retumed a friendly smile. Wayne scratched the back of his head as he began to like the girl. Ever since she stopped putting on airs, she had become a lot lovelier Bradley was a little surprised to see what happened, but he said nothing when he saw June did not mind. The monthly exam was just around the corner, so most likely, June did not want to be distracted. He nodded and gave June a thumbs up in his mind. Meanwhile, Lulu looked at June’s expression thoughtfully June was having this attitude probably because lack was not the type of guy she liked. Life was brilliant at night in the city

Solomon was spending his days in a membership clubhouse, holding a glass of whiskey in his left hand and a pretty girl in his right, but he still felt empty inside

He looked at the young face in front of him, but the woman with the cold and pretty face of yesterday kept flashing in his mind’s eye, in which he saw her look at him with beautiful and Sassy eyes, as if there was ice and brilliant lights in them. It made the woman in his arms suddenly feel uninteresting This was probably the difference between mortal and heavenly women

Had she not been ur cooperative, he would not have thought of ruining her. ‘How good it

would be for her to be my woman, as I would treat her very well,’ he thought.


The thought of how fast she drove, so fast that she left him in the dust, and that he could not even take a glimpse of her beautiful face, a look of regret filled his face.


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