My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 381

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 381

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 381. “You read it right.” He had checked out an hour earlier, probably having gotten wind of something, feeling unsafe, and quickly left.

‘How dare Michael not heed Jared’s warning, blatantly doing things he knew very well that they were against the law?’

Claus looked up with a gentle smile, but his eyes had an inorganic coldness. He called and told Jared what he found and some of his own interpretation, as if he had witnessed what happened with his own eyes. ‘He’s good for nothing but tattling, emboldening Michael, even.’

A long silence was on Jared’s side before Jared was heard saying, “One at a time.”

Claus then hung up and was thrilled.

‘One at a time; everyone gets their turn. Boss has his own reasons for doing things, and I’m not in a hurry.’ Meanwhile, Nicole had walked Mrs. Wallace Sr. into the Riddle Mansion to meet her parents. It was her eldest brother who picked her up the last time. Daniel and Gloria had never met Mrs. Wallace Sr. yet, so she had to take Mrs. Wallace Sr. to meet them. When Nicole brought Mrs. Wallace Sr. into the living room, they happened to see Daniel and Gloria come downstairs.

Gloria looked at Nicole and Mrs. Wallace Sr. in surprise. She quickly went up to them and whispered to Nicole, “This is…”

Seeing Nicole nod, Gloria and Daniel’s eyes lit up. They walked excitedly to Mrs. Wallace Sr., took her hand, and said softly to her, “You must be Nicole’s grandmother. We have long heard Nicole talk about you and thought of visiting you in Great Oak to thank you in person. We did not expect you to come first.” Daniel also grinned as he looked at Mrs. Wallace Sr., and from time to time, nodded in agreement with what Gloria had said.

Mrs. Wallace Sr. did not expect Nicole’s parents to be so friendly. She felt touched and waved her hand. “I just miss Nicole, wanting to see if she is doing well. Now I am relieved to see you all so friendly.”

Gloria quickly reached out and held Mrs. Wallace Sr.’s hand while winking at Nicole, “Your grandpa is waiting for you to accompany him to take his medication.” Nicole knew they wanted to chat with Mrs. Wallace Sr., so she nodded gently and said to Mrs. Wallace Sr., “I’ll be right back.” Mrs. Wallace Sr. did not stop her from going but looked at her with an avuncular expression.” Good girl. Go.” She and Gloria sat down and chatted on the couch. Nicole only went upstairs when she saw

they were getting along well. Mrs. Wallace Sr. told Gloria some funny stories about Nicole’s childhood. The three of them sat in the living room. With Nicole as the common topic, the conversation did not feel awkward at all.

After learning about Nicole’s habits, favorite food, and things that would offend her, Gloria finally asked cautiously, “Will Nicole blame me for abandoning her for so many years?”

Mrs. Wallace Sr. seemed to have expected this question. She glanced at Gloria and sighed secretly.

“You have to ask Nicole about this. She knew a lot of things and kept everything to herself since she was a child.”

Seeing Gloria’s face sunk, Mrs. Wallace Sr. added, saying,

“Nicole must love you two very much. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have stayed in the Riddle family, judging by her personality.”

Hearing this, Daniel and his wife’s eyes lit up. They looked at Mrs. Wallace Sr. with a tinge of gratitude on their faces.

They were too blinded by their emotions, and it was Mrs. Wallace Sr. who made them realize the actual situation.

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