My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 669

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 669

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 669

Murphy was dumbfounded for a moment. He used to be the general manager of the branch of the company where his father was the CEO, doing nothing yet getting paid handsomely. Now Jared wanted him to work in the marketing department? “I disagree!” Murphy yelled in exasperation.

Henry gritted his teeth and said, “You’re right. If your grandfather agrees, then do it.”.

“Dad!” Murphy was stunned. Instead of looking for trouble, he had to run errands for Jared, even after losing his job.

“Don’t call me Dad! I don’t have such a stupid son like you!” Henry glared at Murphy as he had given up on him.

‘It’s all Murphy’s fault for not figuring out Jared’s purpose for going abroad. Now I’m on the defensive. If Mr. Johnston Sr. finds out that I’ve sent someone to monitor Jared and come to find fault with him, Mr. Johnston Sr. will not spare me.’ Henry gritted his teeth and could not care less about his ego anymore. “Murphy knows he is wrong. What happened today…”

Seeing Henry humble himself for the first , Jared said,”

Chapter 669


Since Murphy regrets it, I will not tell Grandpa, of course. But I hope you will stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, or I will be really irritated.” As he spoke, he slowly stood up. “Max, see Uncle Henry


Max immediately stepped forward and made a please

gesture with his hand. “Please.”

Henry had never been treated like this before, his face grave, but there was nothing he could do but turn around and leave.

Realizing that they had screwed up, Castor shot a warning look at Jared and left.

Murphy became desperate when he saw this. “Dad, Castor. Don’t leave me!”

He chased after the two as soon as his voice trailed off.

The office became silent again after the three of them left.

Max snorted and said, “How dare he come looking for trouble with you.”

Had Jared not wanted to reveal his identity too early, he would not have allowed these guys to throw their weights around here.

“It’s alright.” Jared put down the file with a stony face and picked up the coffee. But Max could not be reconciled to it. “They don’t

deserve a twenty percent share of the deal with the Turmann family.”

The collaboration between the Turmann family and Johnston Group that Jared was talking about was actually a concession of the collaboration between JJ Johnston Group and the Turmann family.

“Only in this way can those old fags really make up their minds.” Jared looked out the window as the trio of father and sons downstairs had left.

Only then did Max understand Jared’s intentions. Mr. Johnston Sr. might support Jared’s return to lead Johnson Group, but some of the board members still supported Henry. The Turmann deal would probably rock the entire board of directors.

“Speaking of which, we have Nicole to thank.” Max truly felt that Nicole was the lucky star who made this deal possible.

“Indeed.” Jared had a smile on his face at the mention of Nicole. ‘I wonder how the little woman is doing now.’

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