My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 672

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 672.

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 672 He would support whatever Nicole did. “I-I want to join, too.” Bradley’s voice came from the other side.

Nicole glanced sideways at him. “Why do you want to


“I-I also want to learn martial arts so that I can protect myself.” He thought he could fight previously, but after seeing Nicole’s skills, he was very envious.

“Then I will see you tomorrow.” Nicole nodded in agreement.

Bradley and Austin were jumping for joy. Lulu and June could not help but chuckle at the sight.

After the meal, they went outside together. While they were going, they bumped into Snow and Raine, who looked surprised to see Nicole back.

They felt depressed at the thought of so many people at the family dinner falling over themselves, trying to brown – nose Nicole. It made the two of them feel as if they were not in the same league as Nicole was. Snow might be grateful to Nicole for helping her recover the pink diamond, but she still had a hard feeling toward Nicole inside.

Chapter 672


Raine was even more so when seeing Nicole surrounded by so many people. The moment they passed each other, Raine spewed her insult, saying, “I was wondering what that terrible smell was in the canteen today; it turned out to be that of a yokel.”

It infuriated Bradley and Austin at once. “Who are you talking about?”

They all knew that previously on the school forum, everyone said Nicole was a yokel. The fact that Raine still mentioned it despite those posts had been taken down

really pissed them off.

Startled by the two of them, Raine immediately played the victim’s card. “Help! The hooligans are beating people up!” While doing so, she did not forget to smear Nicole. “Have you forgotten that you’re from the Riddle family? How can you mingle with the hooligans? You might not be ashamed of yourself, but please think of the Riddle family!”

Those people who were on Raine’s side previously remained silent this time. Now that everyone knew what Nicole was capable of and her relationship with Sebastian, the next governor, no one would want to offend Nicole.

Without the ridicule and discussion of the people around her, Raine’s provocation looked like a joke, somewhat

Chapter 672



Lulu could not help but step forward and said, “Why don’t you keep on talking? Is it because you’re embarrassed to find that no one gives a damn about you?”

“Yeah, the entire school now knows that Nicole isn’t a yokel. You two are talking nonsense to slander Nicole. I wonder what you two are up to.”

This immediately changed the way everyone looked at the two sisters.

Snow sensed something was wrong and immediately pulled Raine aside. “Stop talking nonsense, could you?”

‘Still using such a bad trick, Raine really hasn’t wised up at all.’

“Snow!” Raine was frustrated , but Snow could not care less about her.

Looking at Nicole, Snow smiled gracefully. “I would like to thank you for helping me get back the pink diamond at the Holder family party last time.”

‘She didn’t say thank you last time, but now wants to thank me in public.’ Nicole could not help but laugh.’ Snow just want to shore up her persona.’

Nicole did not want to play along. “That won’t be necessary. You blamed me for losing your pink diamond last time. Now that I’ve helped you recover it, shouldn’t you issue a statement to clarify the truth of the matter?”

Snow did not expect that Nicole would use her words to turn against her. There was a subtle change in her expression. “Í-It’s true that I’ve misunderstood you before. So, how would you like me to clarify?”

Nicole smiled. “Just post a statement on the school forum; it is something that you and Raine are very good at, isn’t it?”

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