My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 675

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 675.

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 675

But two hours later, Edwin still found nothing.

He looked at the time; Preston should be about to finish class, so he got up, left the school lounge, and hurried toward the school gate.

At this time, at the entrance of the school parked an extremely showy bright -blue motorcycle . Preston was sitting bored on it with a lollipop in his mouth while playing a game on his mobile phone. Not far behind them was a group of girls who wanted to get closer but were too

afraid to do so.

Seeing Edwin coming, he frowned impatiently and threw his phone at him. “What took you so long?”

Edwin caught the phone in his hand and helped him win the round before returning it.

Preston looked at the victory on the screen. He said nothing, but just took a small black card out of his pocket and threw it into Edwin’s hand. “This is for you. You want to join me for basketball?”

Edwin put away the little card, then looked up at Preston. He suddenly found that his sharp facial features were inexplicably similar to Nicole’s, and he was hooked.

He thought it must be an illusion because he had been too

Chapter 675


busy lately. Edwin blinked his eyes. ‘They clearly look different. It’s all in my head.’

He came out of his daze with embarrassment. “I need to take care of something back at the office. So I can’t join


Preston raked his hair irritably. “Okay, call me if anything. I’ll go over when I’m done.”,

Edwin nodded. Preston started the motorcycle and sped away. Going into the garage, Edwin got into his car and drove in the opposite direction.

Nicole walked out of the school not long after the two left.

She was in a hurry just now and just grabbed the school bag in her hand. When she was about to reach her destination , she carried her bag on her back and walked slowly to the café next to the school.

When Claus saw Nicole, he greeted her and asked

enthusiastically. “What would you like today, Nicole?”

Nicole ordered a cup of caramel macchiato that she had tried last time. When Claus turned back to make the brew, she asked faintly, “Hasn’t he come today?”

Claus kept on doing what he was doing and replied briskly, “You miss our boss already, eh?”

Nicole had no expression on her face and turned to sit down at a table, as if she was not bothered by Claus’s nosiness. Claus then stopped what he was doing and took

out his phone to call Max. “Nicole has arrived. Ask Mr. Johnston to come over early.”

There was a pause at the other end of the phone for a moment, as if the person was covering the microphone and asked the person next to him for instructions. Then Max replied, “Mr. Johnston asks you to entertain her; he will be there soon.”

Claus was relieved and took the freshly brewed caramel macchiato to Nicole. When he saw Nicole fiddling a pen between her fingers while studying, he could not help but smirk. Lately, Austin and his company had been frequenting his cafe, and he had heard from them that Nicole was a top student and genius, so he wondered why she still needed to study so hard.

He could not help saying, “Your caramel macchiato, Nicole.” Then he stood there for tens of seconds, waiting with certainty for Nicole to feel curious and say something to him.

Nicole did not look at him but just said, “Put it down.”

Words choked in Claus’s throat, and he was looking at Nicole when he sat back down.

‘She is cooler than Mr. Johnston; there is no superfluous word and gossip. She didn’t even talk much while I was standing there. Well, since she is not asking, I can’t just go over and tell her that Mr. Johnston will arrive soon. That will make me look stupid.’

He waited a little longer, and Jared had yet arrived. He became anxious, feeling not too happy, and so he texted Мах.

(When is the boss coming?]

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