My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 676

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 676.

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 676 Max looked at the lit screen and then at Jared, who was getting some shut-eye beside him.

From the time he got off the plane in the morning until now, he had not closed his eyes. As soon as he got into the car, the enervation got the better of him and he shut his eyes. So Max did not want to bother him. “We’re on our way and will be there soon,” he said.

In the café, Nicole studied for a while and then reached for the caramel macchiato. She frowned after taking a sip.

‘It’s all the same ingredients , but how does he make it taste so much better?’

Nicole sighed softly as she put the cup back in place and continued studying. She did not touch the cup again until she left the café. After tasting something better, she no longer settled for less.

Claus could not help but feel disappointed when his boss had not arrived, and he felt sorry to keep Nicole waiting. It was not until Nicole had gone far that he came over to clean up the table. But when he picked up the cup, he saw Nicole had barely drunk the coffee, and for a moment, he felt not too happy.

He immediately texted Max on the phone, complaining that Nicole did not respect the fruits of his labor, that she

Chapter 676


did not appreciate such a delicious coffee, and that she really had a bad taste.

Max was stuck in traffic. Jared’s face had darkened, as black as ink, looking as if he would lose his cool at any time.

He saw the message from Claus and calmly turned the screen off. But his phone still kept vibrating, as if the other side had no way to vent his grouses. Now, even Jared had taken notice.

Max could only calmly tell Jared the truth. “Nicole couldn’t wait and has left.”

Jared’s expression turned gloomy. “It’s okay. She’s gone, but I can go find her.”

Nicole was on her way back. She wondered why Jared had not come as promised. Guessing that he might be busy, so she did not call him. She put on the headphones and listened to the music as she walked back.

Soon, Nicole reached the entrance of the Royal Creek Institute and was about to enter when a security guy with a poor attitude stopped her. “What are you doing? Don’t you know that the school gate is closed after 9:30?”

Nicole hesitated slightly and checked her watch. She did not expect that she had waited for Jared for so long, even passing the school gate closing time.

The security guy looked with disdain at Nicole when he

Chapter 676


saw a pretty girl dressed up like this come back so late at night.

‘I have seen enough girls like this. They are willing to do anything, hanging out with men all day for money. She’s thinking of entering the campus after it’s passed the school gate closing time? No way!’

The security guy looked at Nicole in disgust and mumbled to himself. “I wonder what’s wrong with college girls nowadays; they all have such poor quality.”

Nicole could have called Mr. Ellison and no one would stop her from entering, but since the rules were there, she did not want to break them.

Glancing indifferently at the security guy, Nicole turned and walked away, intending to go home for the night tonight.

Just then, a black vehicle with a special emblem of a unique flower came from the café’s direction.

When the security guy saw the vehicle approaching , he looked down upon it, as it was not the typical established brands he recognized, but still reluctantly opened the barrier to let it enter the Royal Creek Institute.

The vehicle did not enter immediately but rolled down the window and Jared’s face popped out from the inside. He looked at Nicole and smiled. “Get in the car.”

Seeing that it was Jared, Nicole stopped in her tracks and

returned a smile, then got into the vehicle with no hesitation.

The security guy looked on with surprise as the vehicle left in another direction instead of entering the school. As exasperated as he was, there was nothing he could do.

Inside the car, Max secretly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead when he saw Jared’s face had lit up, which was a rare sight.

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