My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 679

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 679.

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 679. Only then Jared looked at him and smiled. “Mr. Bond, I’m here today with a friend. Don’t make things so pompous.” Mr. Bond felt a sense of relief and smiled servilely.” Absolutely.” He then looked back and shouted to his men, “Didn’t you all hear what Mr. Johnston said? Get the hell out of here!”

After sending everyone away, he looked back, only to see Jared look at him with a half-smile. He was stunned for a second, and then he let out a flattering smile. “You must be busy, Mr. Johnston. I will leave you to it.”

Nicole took it all in, wondering how Jared could make Mr. Bond so afraid of him, but she asked nothing.

She followed Jared into the club’s central hall, a place filled with extravagance. Unlike the low-key color on the outside, the interior decoration was golden and brilliant with extremely dazzling crystal chandeliers, everything looking classy and grand.

Nicole looked at the hall, which was almost as large as two football fields. The place was alive with music, dance, and a variety of board and VR games, like a game hall for the rich. She had a nonchalant look on her face, but deep down inside, she found this place quite novel.

Jared languidly followed behind her, wanting to see what

she was interested in.

Claus came up beside him from nowhere to protect the two. Jared waved his hand at him, and Claus got the hint and kept silent, looking at Nicole from behind with curiosity.

‘Nicole has been looking at these things for some time. Could it be that she doesn’t even know how to play these games?’

Seeing that Jared had no intention of opening his mouth, he took matters into his own hands and walked over to Nicole. Every time Nicole walked to a table, he would explain the gameplay at that table. “This is Monopoly. The more chips you get in the game, the more you’ll be able to expand the territory on the table,” he said. “I know, while I was abroad, I’ve played something more professional than this.” She was talking about the casino. While in this clubhouse , they were merely board games.

She was not interested in these things and wanted to turn around to leave. But something caught her eyes unexpectedly; she saw someone she knew.

Sitting in one of the seats was none other than Sammey, whom she had met in the cafeteria today. He was unsmiling and looking pale, his face full of sweat.

But all the wealthy kids in San Joto were basically

regulars at various clubhouses. Sammey was no exception. He had played countless board games, but for the first time, he lost as badly as he did now.

He looked at his opponent across from him, unsure what tricks the opponent had used to beat him several times in a row, rendering him powerless to fight back. He was extremely nervous to see chips he lost were piling up in front of his opponents.

Nicole felt something was wrong when he saw how nervous Sammey looked. Had this been just a regular board game, Sammey would not be so nervous.

At this point, the player opposite Sammey spoke.” Sammey, you concede defeat now and get down on your knees. Otherwise, transfer a million dollars to my account tomorrow as you have just agreed.”

Sammey’s face was grave; it turned out that Nathan Holmes, the player, had been harassing Vivian, his sister, for the past few days.

They had agreed outside the clubhouse that if Nathan lost, he would never be allowed to harass Vivian again; but if Nathan won, then he would have to give him a million dollars. For the sake of his sister, he must not flinch, and so he agreed.

At first, Sammey won two rounds, but in the last round, Nathan suddenly challenged him to bet one-to-ten. Sammey thought today he had a good hand, plus he was

desperate to beat Nathan, gritted his teeth and agreed.

Nathan had been winning consecutively ever since, and had taken most of the territory on the board. The chips piled up in front of him were up to his waist, while Sammey had nothing left in front of him.

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