My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 680

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 680.

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 680. Sammey’s eyes burned with anger as he looked at Nathan , who was sitting across from him with his legs crossed. His pocket money was only a couple of ten grand per month. No way he could come up with $1 million. So he could only continue to gamble to make a turnaround.

But given the proportion of territory on the table, he had little chance to win, no matter how hard he wished. But he had no choice but to continue. “I won’t concede defeat. Let’s play another round.”

Nathan saw that Sammey’s determination and said cynically, “Have you thought through it, Sammey? A million is not a small amount. Do you really want to continue? Is it so hard to get down on your knees to beg for mercy and then introduce your sister to me?”

Nathan’s lewd words made Sammey clench his teeth. His underlings behind him tried to dissuade him, saying,” Stop, Sammey. Think twice as one million is not a small amount.”

“Exactly. If your parents find out, they would definitely be infuriated.”

Sammey heard what his underlings said and thought of giving up, but when he thought of Nathan’s eagerness for Vivian, he could not bring himself to bow to him.

With this thought in mind, he looked at Nathan with icy eyes. “Don’t be too arrogant, Nathan. I will not lose to you.”

He then placed his bet. When Nathan knew he was not giving up, he burst into laughter. “You’re really stubborn, Sammey. Okay, if you want to dance, let’s dance.” He gave the dealer a look. “What are you waiting for? Roll the dice now.”

The dealer got the hint and quickly scooped the dice up into the cup. The dealer was professionally trained, and his hand movement was so quick, his action in one fell swoop, and no one could see what he was actually doing. But just when he was about to reveal the dice to decide Sammey’s steps, a hand suddenly reached out and pressed on the cup with an index finger.

The hand had fair skin, beautiful slender fingers, and the perfect shape of lunulae on the nails, looking like a piece of art that God had carefully polished.

Moving upwards, one could clearly see that on the slender and fair wrist was a red wristband that was neither too thick nor thin, and the bright red of the wristband contrasted well with her fair skin, so much so that it was almost heart-stoppingly beautiful.

The dealer looked at the hand in front of him with cold sweat popping up on his forehead.

Sammey had been nervously waiting for the dealer to roll the dice for him. He was bowing his head and silently prayed that his chess piece would stop in a favorable position. But at this moment, silence suddenly fell and then followed by Nathan’s sneering laughter. “Who is this yokel so ignorant of the rules? How dare she stop the dealer from rolling the dice? Call your manager; I need an explanation.”

Sammey looked up in shock and saw the back of someone he recognized. ‘Isn’t she Nicole?!

Just that her hair was disheveled, and she was still wearing an ill-fitting men’s coat, but because she was tall enough and in good shape, she did not look strange in the men’s coat, but with a bit of a yuppie..


Not only Sammey, but several people next to him were


“What are you doing here, boss?”

She came not only to the club but prevented the dealer from rolling the dice, which was a big no-no in the club.

Everyone looked at her with concern in their eyes. Before they could say anything, Nicole looked back and gave them an assuring look. 8

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