My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 681

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 681.

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 681 . Nathan shouted impatiently, “Sammey, what’s going on? Do you really take this girl as your boss? Leon, call your manager out to fix this girl.”

The dealer snapped back to his senses and glanced at Nicole suspiciously. Because of the pressure from Nathan and his uncertainty about Nicole’s identity, he listened to Nathan and called his manager.

Sammey saw things had come to such a pass and blurted, “Boss, what now? Why did you prevent the dealer from rolling the dice? The club will not let you go. Go now. I’ll buy you time.”

While speaking, he got up and could not care less about his bet with Nathan.

Nicole just pulled back her hand, which she used to press on the cup. “It’s okay. Let him call the manager.” Seeing her arrogance , Nathan thought she did not know the rules here and taunted her. “So you’re Sammey’s new boss? I heard your name is Nicole , right? It is said that you are from the village; it seems that it’s true. You don’t know the rules at all yet dare to come here. Now, don’t say that I didn’t warn you—the most taboo thing on the gambling table is to interfere with the dealer’s work. I’m afraid you’re going to lose your right hand when the manager comes.”

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Nicole did not even look at him, her eyes revealing nothing

Jared had a playful smile on his face when he saw Nicole meddling in the game. Instead of blaming Nicole, he walked over to Claus and saw the club manager hurry


The manager did not see him. Desperately trying to curry favor with Nathan, he headed over to Table 63, where the accident had occurred, followed by two intimidating bodyguards.

On the way, the manager confirmed the incident with the dealer. By the time he reached Table 63, he had started scolding before he even saw who was there.

“Who is so daring as to stop the dealer from rolling the dice and breaking the rules of our club? Come with us now.”

Hearing what the manager said, Nicole looked back slowly and cocked an eyebrow at Jared, who was standing not far away. “But he told me that your club has no rules.”

The manager broke out in a cold sweat when he saw her


As he looked back, he also saw Jared standing behind him with his arms folded, looking at him with a smirk. Behind Jared was a black-faced Claus.

‘Isn’t these the two distinguished guests the boss has just

Chapter 681


received? If so, I wouldn’t even have a problem with them dancing on the table , let alone stopping the dealer from rolling the dice.’ The manager thought to himself.

“Lady, I’m really sorry. It could just be a misunderstanding. You go on and have fun.”

He did not know her name but only knew that she had come with Jared. Thinking of what he had just said, he almost wanted to cut off his tongue. Nicole looked at the manager, and instead of arguing with him, she told the dealer to roll the dice again. Meanwhile , Nathan was dumbfounded , watching what was happening. “Billy, what’s going on? She has broken the rules of your club. Should you break her hand?”

‘Why did he apologize to her instead?’

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