My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 683

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 683

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 683. He forgot for a moment that Nicole had just prevented the dealer from rolling the dice. Instead, he looked at Nicole with a sneer and said, “Okay, but what if you lose? Since you’re so hot,” he looked up and down at Nicole with lustful eyes, “why don’t you be my woman?”

‘Her character and background are so-so, but she has got a really hot body.’

Seeing Nathan leer at Nicole , Sammey and others knew his dirty thoughts. Sammey rushed to stand in front of Nicole , blocking Nathan’s view of her, and said angrily,” Please respect her and yourself, Nathan.”

Nathan sneered upon seeing Sammey get so furious. He was curious why these boys were so protective of Nicole. The Holmes family did not want to offend these families at once, so he said lackadaisically, “I am not short of money but a woman. Think about the consequences if you want to play with me.”

After saying that, he leaned back in his chair and continued to sweep his lecherous eyes at Nicole.

Jared’s face had darkened so much that even Max and Claus could clearly sense his murderous vibe.

“It’s just a game, but you want to bet. Don’t you know that this is illegal?” Nicole said coldly.

Chapter 683


Nathan laughed wickedly upon hearing her question. “It’s just a private bet, a deal outside the club. No one can meddle with it. Get out of here if you don’t dare to bet with me.”

Nicole’s eyes darkened abruptly as she had lost patience with Nathan.

At this moment, a waitstaff of the club suddenly pushed a cart covered with a red cloth over and said respectfully to Nicole, “Miss Riddle, these are the tokens for you.”

Everyone was stunned. Nicole quietly looked at Jared as he approached slowly. She knew it was him who got her those tokens and did not refuse. “How much is this?” she asked in a whisper.

The waiter still bowed his head and said respectfully,” Monopoly’s starting token is fifty million game coins. Here are exactly one hundred million game coins.”

Nathan’s eyes widened, and he pointed at the waitstaff and shouted, “This is not fair. Monopoly’s starting token has always been fifty million. Is the club crazy by giving her one hundred million?”.

The waitstaff looked at Nathan with a not-too-happy look in his eyes. “This lady is a distinguished guest of our club, and the starting capital of each game of Super VIP members is twice that of ordinary members. Have you


Chapter 683


Then he took all the tokens and piled them up in front of Nicole.

Nathan was completely dumbfounded at this point. “Just her? How could she be a Super VIP?”

The Bond family’s private club operated an all membership system. An ordinary membership card costs millions a year, a bronze gold membership tens of millions, and a Super VIP membership hundreds of millions. He had not seen a Super VIP. Now they were telling him that Nicole was a Super VIP member. He wondered who she really was.

Sammey and others looked at Nicole in shock, as if he had not expected things to turn out this way.

They all were from wealthy families, but they had never seen people fork out a hundred million to subscribe to Super VIP membership.

Sammey shook his head, realizing that none of this was an illusion. He said to Nicole, “Boss, who the hell are you, really?”

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