My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 687

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 688.

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 688. Nicole looked at the table expressionlessly and reached out to move her piece.

There was no apparent emotion on her face, but her gaze at Nathan was surprisingly cold, which was the complete opposite of her impulsive behavior when she agreed to the bet earlier.

The dealer retrieved the dice. Nathan thought that he had occupied two vantage points, and there was no need to worry too much, so he confidently drew two chance cards at random.

After checking that the chance cards of the two had not been revealed, the dealer first walked to Nathan’s side and held out his hand with a white glove to open the cards.

All eyes were on the two cards as they were slowly revealed. One was a rent hike card, the other a card that slashed the opponent’s asset values by twenty percent, which was simply godsent. Nathan almost jumped for joy. He looked at his chance cards and guffawed, “My two properties appreciated by thirty percent. Let’s see how you’re going to beat me.”

Sammey’s face turned pale upon seeing this result. He had hoped that Nathan would draw some less powerful

Chapter 687


cards so that Nicole would have a better chance of winning. But now, both cards were in Nathan’s favor; Sammey was utterly disappointed.

Surprise had faded from the faces of others. They could hardly bear to look at the chance cards that Nicole had drawn. After all, Nathan had drawn two good cards, and the odds of all four cards in a round being good were tiny.

One of Sammey’s underlings tried to comfort Nicole. “It’s okay, boss. We haven’t lost yet. The fact that you dare to take up the challenge is an accomplishment.”

Another guy also said, “Yeah, boss. It is okay. This is just your first try.”

Jared raised an eyebrow upon hearing what they said. ‘I didn’t know that these guys were so concerned about Nicole.’

Claus had also seen Nathan’s chance cards. He did not bother to say anything but smirked and turned to look at Max, whose expression was still extremely stony.

Likewise, Nicole still looked nonchalant as the dealer walked over to reveal her chance cards.

Nathan was already going crazy with excitement. He excitedly locked his eyes on Nicole’s cards and waited for the dealer to reveal her cards and then announce his victory.

But the dealer looked anxious, as he felt Nicole was

Chapter 687


intimidating. She was sitting there leisurely, but her pair of fearsome, upturned eyes were sending chills up his spine. She looked at ease as if everything was under control.

The dealer felt more and more nervous because of her stare. His hand was trembling as he revealed her cards.

Meanwhile , Nicole was just looking on nonchalantly as her chance cards were revealed.

“What is this?”

“This is…”

Sammey was thinking of giving up at first. But he looked up when he heard those whispers . A look of incredulity spread across his face when he saw Nicole’s chance cards.

One was a market crash card that would slash property prices in half, which was expected. There would be a bad card issued to the players in each round, but a market crash card that reduced property values by half was the worst of all bad cards. This card had practically wiped out the advantage of Nicole’s starting capital, which doubled that of Nathan’s. Not only that, but one of Nathan’s chance cards would also slash her property values by a further 20%.

Considering all this, Nicole really had a bad day today. She was destined to lose.

But just when Sammey had lost all hopes, he saw the

other card and was utterly shocked.

“T-This is an exchange card?”

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